• You won't hurt my feelings. Just trying to figure out what could be in there! Her fur is very, very soft. She is very quiet and very into people. She can be vocal but rarely barks. We are already in love no matter what! She's from a shelter and they said lab mix but she's just not that big. She is obviously a mix.



  • First Basenji's

    She is adorable. I love brindles… but I don't think I see any Basenji in her.

    Possibly a Dutch Shepherd mix? How big is she? She looks rather puppyish in these photos too, so maybe she still has room to grow?

    Congrats on your sweet lady.

  • Thank you! We are leaning toward Dutch Shepherd so far. They said 3 months. She weighed 16 pounds at her vet check. Her quietness led me here really.

  • Whatever she is, she sure is cute!

  • She's really beautiful! Kudos to you for giving this pretty girl a new life!

  • Very cute girl. Don't see much basenji in her however.

  • Thank you! We can mark Basenji off our list of brindle breeds. I have her signed up for puppy classes next week. So far Dutch Shepherd is our best guess. Maybe someone there will see something!

  • She is a very pretty brindle. If you really want to find out what is in her, I had great luck with wisdompanel.com - my basenji mix Gemma was confusing for a while, thought maybe collie, maybe corgi, maybe sheltie. Did the DNA test which was very easy for me, and very comprehensive when it came back - she is half basenji, the other half is sheltie with collie. They went back five generations, and included lots of information concerning the temperament, health situation, etc. for each breed in her. I was very happy with that and would recommend it to anyone. Shaye, of course, is all basenji and the alpha in the house.

  • Here is a website for the North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue :



  • OMG adorable. Who could not love that sweet face! I don't see basenji either but most definately cute.

  • Very cool looking dog, but don't think she is a Basenji. One good way of telling if she barks she is not a Basenji.
    Good luck with her… She is a very cool looking dog!!!!

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