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Yes..! He usually follows the vacuum cleaner around the apartment. Hi hi hi, strange dogs 🙂

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Kasper and the vacuum cleaner…

(PS. Turn volume down on your computer. Terrible sound)


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A little bit of chewing here and a little bit of chewing there…..a little bit of chewing everywhere 🙂

The little beast in is home made bed.


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:eek: I would be scared seeing Bendji eating something that someone else left there and of which I'm not sure what's in it … 😕
What if a "doghater" has put some ratpoison in it ????:mad:
I sure hope all Norwegians are doglovers !!!!
Great pictures ! Greetings from Belgium

Don't think that is big issue up here to be honest. Never heard of anything like it. We drink water from the streams, breethe fresh air and if our dogs a lucky enough to find a hotdog, miles away from most people, I'm happy to give it to him. You should come and visit sometime 😉

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Kasper is a pretty active Basenji and since we live in Norway, he is quite used to the cold. One of his favourite things to do is coming with me cross country skiing.

But with all this running, he gets hungry. Look at the Hot Dog on the stick on the left side of the picture below. Someone forgot it there and the B has already seen it 🙂

Got it…

Nice to snuggle…

And have a overlook over things..


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This is how we do it when it's cold and, for most of the time, dark outside.

Get up early…and go skiing

Then go home, kill something..

cato 🙂

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As we are every autumn, last week we were back home (were I grew up) watching salmon. And this time Kasper came with us. He did see a lot of them and found it a bit scary. Some of the "monsters" are bigger then our little basenji, and he isn't the really the bravest guy around. Well, anyway, here are some pictures…

Home at last…

Favourite spot. Watching the street…


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Kasper as a pup. Sleeping…


Kasper as a pup. Awake…aiii


I'm a bit happy he's all grown up now 😉

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Yep, almost impossible to spot 😉

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…and the temperature is perfect for a walk in the forest 🙂

Just have to love that little crazy beast 🙂

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