How many basenjis can you spot?

Part of the Laurel Canyon gang…

I thought I saw 8 in the first one and 7 in the second. I would so love for Medjai to be able to run around with a couple basenjis in the yard or at the park. At most, Medjai just has one to run with and even that is real rare.

I counted tails and got 7 on both. An entire herd of B's regardless.

In the first one there are 7 red butts and one tri butt.

I got 8 and 7, and a boat load of envy. WAHHHHHHHHHH.


how cool…I got seven and eight as well,

8, and 7
It's hard to get a bunch in the same photo, good job!

Basenji overload - yay!!!

Dare i say is this the same Basenji group I found photos of while searching on google and deviant art?!

Oh there arent enough reds but my gosh they sure are close lol and they even have the tri in the back lol

These aren't the same. This gang is from Belgium, Abuluka Basenjis 😉

Great pics btw, all of them 🙂 It's lovely to see so many Basenjis together 🙂

I get 8 and 7. Great pictures

Counting taisl I got 8 and 7.

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