• I joined about a month ago and I am so very glad that I did. I love reading all of the informative information everyone on here has to provide and even though my issue is still on going I refuse to give up hope. I just recently brought a new edition into my home and although she is not a basenji I know everyone will still appreciate her cuteness! I attempted to join a frenchie forum but upon reading posts and what not I just find this one to be way more 'home-y'. Having that said I may be here to stay with my one basenji, one frenchie, 2 himalayans and an alpha female tiger cat! Hope you enjoy the pics and hopefully be able to help with puppy questions soon!

  • Aww too cute !! Love the ears 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  • Sooo Cute! Love the face!

  • What a love!!! Will she change her colour or is that the same as the adult coat

  • oh dat's cute!

  • What a sweetie… I have always loved Frenchies....

  • She is a cutie. Next to Bs I think I love the bull dogs.

    I know what you mean about other forums when my sons dog was here I joined a lab forum but I just couldnt get into it. I figured it was because my true love is for the Bs but as you mentioned this forum just seem so much more homey and welcoming. I would also say people seem more helpful here.

  • What a beautiful little baby 🙂

  • Thank you for all of your comments! Yes, I actually joined 2 of them, earlier in the week. One of them just now sent me my activation email and the other one, the most recent post was like last week! I would absolutely die if I posted something and had to wait a week to hear back something! And Patty, yes that is her forever coat. Her ear will continue to get more prominent like the Bs too:)

  • She is an adorable little thing! French Bulldogs always peak my curiosity when I see them. They look like they have tons of character.

  • After striking out with my first 2 B's I figured I'd give my other love a try! She is wonderful so far, potty training is kicking our butt..as with any puppy. We have only had her a week yesterday so I'm sure this is gonna be fun! She is giving us (my gf and I, our 3 cats and Sid) a run for our money! Sid is very jealous though, which is what we wanted. We need him to desire attention instead of just laying around all day long. Wish us luckkkk with the ol' man.

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