• Here are pictures of our 12 year old Jasmine and newest addition as of last friday–-Killian (1 year old). Jasmine picked him out and he is just settled right into our family. As you can see from the one photo he loves our son Logan and Logan loves him.


  • Awww - Jasmine looks like a Queen on her throne. And Killian looks like a really nice handsome boy. As does your son, Logan. It is wonderful to see how well B's and kids get along. That is a cute picture of them together. Congrats on your new addition. Curious - where did you get Killian - thru BRAT?

  • We got Killian from a breeder in Ohio–-Jim Edgerton. That's where he had gotten our previous male basenji. We took Logan and Jasmine to his place and looked at several 1 year olds and a puppies and Jasmine eliminated the others and we agreed with her pick.

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