Basenji crossed with JR might be a good guess. Certainly her head and expression looks Basenji, and the size is right. I hope you do the DNA test, I would be interested in the results.

@kray14 I’m just guessing but Basenji / jack mix.

I don't see any Basenji but that's just a guess. If it matters, DNA tests are cheap, easy to administer, and pretty good. Way better than anyone's guess.

She does look part basenji - whatever she is - she’s ADORABLE!

I'd say there is at least some Basenji in that head, albeit not a lot ! Whatever she turns out to be, she's certainly a lucky dog to have met you, had her scourges cured and to have found someone she can really bond with. Love her to pieces - and do a DNA test if you feel you'd like to be sure. Continued good luck to you both !

She looks a lot like our JRT Stubby who passed this last September. She’s beautiful!

My opinion - definitely a basenji in the mix. I had a pet basenji, with champions on both sides, and the face of your dog reminds me of her so much!

Thanks! This is my Jack Russell rat terrier who I loved so much that I gave the Facebook ad for this dog a message 🙂 he was my baby. This girl is super stubborn. she's so smart but will only perk when you call her when she wants to 🙄0_1575413780907_FB_IMG_1575413698428.jpg

Omg she's at my boyfriend's house tonight and he sent me this picture!!0_1575435830490_IMG_4046.jpg

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