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Funny you mentioned amazon.

I JUST now found this one that just might fit my needs. But I think its too small.

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I am considering getting Gizmo an Automatic Pet Feeder.


I find that giving him his meal in the morning before I leave results in him being in very need of going potty when I come home.. I feel his stomach, and it is pretty hard (pressure).

So if I could give him food a few hours after I leave, I think it would be better for him and his stomach.

These Automatic Pet Feeders, are not common here in Norway. Actually, I only found one! And it's a VERY cheep and plastic model. So I just might have to order from the USA.

But I would like to hear from people that actually have seen/used these.

Any feedback would be great, also if you know of any good deals (that ship overseas) I would also appreciate that!

I am thinking of these electronic feeders, not Gravity Feeders where food just falls down continuously!

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8 is hardly old, especially for a breed whose lifespan is around 15 years.

He is just middle aged. He is a grown man and sees no need to do childish thingsā€¦;) šŸ˜ƒ

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I actually didn't like that part. Gizmo too will instantly walk away if I PUSH him down to sit and lay like they did on the video. But if I I give a command he will sit there happily.

The whole bit seemed staged, just to use the "aloof" line. Still funny though.

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Well, in any case, I'll take it!

I can picture my next Q&A about Gizmo.
"So what breed is that?"
"A Basenji."
"What are they used for?"
"Hunting LIONS!!"

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Hm, "hunt lions?" In all my books it states they where used to hunt antelopes, not lions!

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What a well done video. Applause to Animal Planet. Loved that they mentioned Fanconi, and making sure you use a reputable breeder.

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Yeah, I was an wreck sitting in the waiting room for the results. All kinds of scenarios going through my headā€¦testicular cancer or something...oh god.

Funny thing, Gizmo does not mind going to the vet. He actually happily enters the vet building. Gets a lot of attention from all the staff.
The thing he does hate is the wait. This is the only time I actually hear him make any sound. He will whimper and protest. Trying to pull his way in different directions, but the floor is so slippery to his feet he just "walks" on the spot...makes me laugh.

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Well Gizmos vaccine appointment didn't quite go as planned. On our walk to the vet Gizmo urinated blood!

So the vet visit turned into urine testing and a 10 day antibiotics cureā€¦the vaccine is postponed because you can't take the vac when on antibiotic, and then you have to wait some weeks after before the vac can be taken.

Thankfully it was nothing serious. Testes showed nothing abnormal.
Gizmo has had a foreskin/penis infection and despite me cleaning him regularly, it has most likely either gone up into his urinal tract, or some blood vessels in the foreskin or on the penis has burst and drops of blood come out.

My theory is Gizmo did this on purpose just to avoid the shot! šŸ˜‰

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Sigh, still waiting for Gizmo to discover his voiceā€¦1y4m and still nothing. Only when I leave will he howl.

BTW, wasn't there someone with a Beagle/Basenji mix here, and they where going to try to film as he "barked"?

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