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Brownie sleeps with us and my other 2 dogs Shelby and Mo. I tried to get him to sleep in my sons bed so that there is no conflict with Shelby( hes the oldest) he did for awhile. after he was house broken, but now he thinks he has to sleep in my bed. on my pillow wrapped around my head. In fact he is asleep now and when it is time for everybody else to go to bed he wants to play. He is getting a little better.

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Thank you very much for the info. I will have to try the time out. He was crate trained as far as being house broken, but now when I put brownie in the crate all he does is whine.. I do have 2 older dogs. one that plays with him and the other, well he just growls at brownie. The mother that was there when I got Brownie was a white shepard, maybe that is where the broad nose comes in.

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Hello to all, I finally did it! got a picture of brownie in. I just hope now that it is in the thread. I do have a question on how to make him not be so aggressive and biting hard, he is only 10 wks old. I got him when he was 4 wks.


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I dont know for sure if he is basenji or not but he seems to look like one. help how do i post pictures?

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