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Well Mischief has been home a few days now and i'm starting to wish he stayed longer lol. Trying to keep him quiet and stop him from going for those stitches is driving me nuts. I had to go to work so put the "cone of shame" on him and had to put him and zoe in seperate crates but he got it off three times and I finally closed it with zip ties which seems to be working. Then there is zoe who tries to lick his stitches as well. Cant wait till its healed and we are back to normal. Every time he goes dashing through the house I'm worried about the stitches. And when he gets off the couch front paws on the floor back paws still on the couch and then extends as far as he can go as he stretches. Will this ever be over?

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Well Zoey is very easy going and they had no problem with her but when I asked how Mischief did I was told that he was not happy with them right now.

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Why did they keep her overnight? I always insist on first spay of day and take home in evening unless there is some complication (which thus far in probably 20 own/rescue spays has never happened), I bring them home. My vet is not a 24 hr, so someone checks at midnight, then they are there alone til 7:30 am. No way. If I had a 24 hr vet, … nah, even then I would want hom.

LOL on the squabbles. The noises they make, non basenji folks would freak out! And I love it.

I just thought that was the way it was done. We dropped him off late Monday they did the surgery Tues and wanted to keep for observation and I can pick him up today at noon.

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Well he is a happy boy! But as the vet tells me pleasantly plump as he is 31 lbs. This boy loves his food! But I'm never sure if he is heavy or zoe is just so darned skinny as she is much smaller in size and weighs 17 lbs. How big is C-me

Not sure whats usual but it was the same for zoe when she was spayed. We dropped him off yesterday and we will pick him up tomorrow. It is funny Hubby says Zoe at first looked all over for him (I had to work late) and wouldnt settle or eat, yet when he is there she is always yelling at him "dont touch me! Mine, go away, Or move it tubby thats my place!" I will tell him sis says hi :).

As far as Zoe we did get the strips so far we are good thanks Tanza.

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A little over a year ago I got my second B. My male tri Mischief who lived up to his name and more. I forgot how calm a single B home could be. I know its way past due but we finally got mischief in to be nuetered. So since last night we have only our female Zoey. Wow as I sit here it is way too quiet I miss their little squabbles. I hate this silence. One day and I miss him sooo much. He is such a cuddler and attention hog. The minute zoe is getting attention he has to nose his way between her and me for his share. I just got back from a walk and things were just way to calm. I had a lady comment on how well behaved Zoey was! Ha with two no one ever had that comment lol.

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We have a retaining wall with the neighbors fence right on the other side of it. My two, Zoey and Mischief love to run on top of that wall like squirrels driving the neighbors dog, Katie, nuts. Even though my male Mischief can let out a yip here and there as he runs the fence line with Katie he is silent. Katie on the other hand barks until her owner comes out and yells at her to be quiet. Poor Katie my dogs really are guilty of egging her on but they do it silently while Katie barks till her owner makes her come in. Bet Katie wishes she was a basenji.

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Got to love the total quiet of the pack of basenjis

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Wow I can't believe it's already been a year. Happy Birthday Ryan!!! Lots of pics please!!!

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love it! here goes

Now I lay me down to sleep
Across the bed 2 basenjis leap

I curl into a little ball
Because of space my Bs have it all

I'm cramped and stiff but I dare not move
Because I might disturb my sleeping brood

If I should die before I wake
I guess at least my back wont ache

But if god should take them and make me stay
I'd miss them more than I could say

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She is adorable and i'm so jealous 🙂 mine rarely do that

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