• While going through some old slides I found these pictures of the Bs I had in the 70s. My dad came home with the tri girl one day and later the r/w male(The first picture). The second pic is of just the male enjoying the boat. The last is one of the pups from the first of 2 litters they had. She is standing on the edge of the bin where the dog food was kept helping herself.

  • Question for you… what is their breeding? Would be very interesting in knowing...

  • It looks like the male is barooing in the first picture. The male has lots of cool wrinkles. Thanks for sharing.

  • wow!!! what excellent pictures. thanks so much for these

  • I'm originally from California so that is where we got them. I will have to ask my mom if she knows anything about their breeding. They were both over a year old when they came to us. The male was an escaper. My parents had to add an extention on our 6 ft wall because he would jump it. Even then he found a way to get out. We couldnt figure it out for the longest time how he did it. He had found a window upstairs that didn't latch, he would nose it open get on the roof then jump to the wall and from the wall to the ground.

    The male in pic is prob just sniffing We were working on that bedroom so there were alot of new scents. I cant recall him ever barooing. The female though was very vocal.

    After talking to my mom, I don't have any more info. Both dogs were given up by their owners because they became to much for them to handle. Alphy the male was a handful being an escaper, Lady was a great counter surfer. Alphy liked all dogs and people. Lady only liked people. But other than that they were sweet and loving dogs.

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