What is my Basenji mixed with?

We rescued this puppy from the Town Lake Shelter in Austin Texas without knowing what type she was. After talking to someone at the dog park, they suggested she is a Basenji. Since then, several people have said the same thing, so we have to agree, but think she is mixed with something else. I thought I'd ask for some opinions….

I'm really not seeing basenji, she looks more like my whippets.

Not sure but pretty girl!


I'm really not seeing basenji, she looks more like my whippets.

I agree, but she is very cute

Whippets are the sweetest dogs, if she is a basenji and whipper mix that should be a very nice puppy

Honestly, I see a little pit in her with the shape of her face and the position of her ears.

Whatever she is, she is a pretty puppy. Good luck and thank you for rescuing her.

I'm not sure that she is part Basenji but however she is a very sweet little girl.

Welcome to the forum both of you.

Almost looks like a pitbull mix to me. Not sure, you will have to see when she gets a few months older.

What Basenji qualities do you see? I'm not sure I do, based on these pics. But I agree, I think there's some Pit.

She is Def. a Pit Mix. I grew up with Pitbulls in my family and know the breed very well and her face looks like my first dog Cocoa. Cocoa was 2 when I was born. She's a very pretty girl!

Looks like a lurcher to me they put a bit of bull in them for hunting big game

like this lurcher pie very old photo bull lurcher think its from [UK]

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