• I swear my puppy is part Basenji! My fiance thinks otherwise. What do you think?

    She ALWAYS has energy, she does bark but not often, but she whines and makes strange noises all the time, extremely athletic and coordinated, and she licks herself like a cat.

  • How big is she, and how old is she? She definitely looks like she *could be a B-mix….

    If you could show us more of the ears, and the tail, that would probably be helpful 🙂

  • she is ADORABLE!

  • First Basenji's

    She's beautiful!!

  • She was only 16 pounds when I took her to the vet last but I know she is more now. She was also malnourished when we got her, she is gaining weight but she is still skinny.

    I made a photo album with some better pictures. I'll add more as I'm still searching through pictures on my camera to find some side views.

    But right now I'm off cause she is complaining that I'm ignoring her and not throwing the ball! 🙂

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