Mix Basenjis

Does anyone on this forum have a Basenji/German Shepard mix. My son wants a dog, loves Basenjis but has always wanted a German Shepard.

I do! We just adopted her a couple months ago. She looks a little more GS though. She does have the ears and some wrinkles and her tail does curl quite a bit when it is up, but she is a lot bigger and weighs about 50 pounds. Unfortunately she does bark though, and a lot! I think she is very pretty though, and I am quite happy with her. I only hope she adopts the obedience that germans are famous for! She is comming around though. When I was looking for a rescue I did see a few other B/GS mixes also, so you might have some luck finding one. We feel in love with her because I wanted another B, but DH has always wanted a GS, so she was the perfect compromise! I know there is at least one other member with one too. Here is a couple pics of her and my other B.

Look at the BRAT mixes:


Check out Tia. I think that's what you are looking for. 🙂

Then look at Tyson and Shiloh. Not the right coloring, but similar build and coat….

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