• Hi,

    I just rescued her from a shelter and she's a 6-month-old puppy.
    The shelter said she's a mini Pinscher mix, but I see more of Chihuahua and part Basenji.
    She's timid, doesn't bark yet (who knows), but very energetic when she feels comfortable.
    She's on the smaller side (about 10 lbs but think she will grow.)
    I am going to get a DNA kit to tell what mix she is but just wanted to ask here.
    Her name's Boree and I am already in love with her.!

    FBF2C027-4540-48F9-8833-6CAAC350EC6E.jpg 20210618_013016.jpg 20210618_013003.jpg 60FCA69E-C13D-4536-B038-CB925D7EC225.jpg 20210611_194638.jpg 20210611_152046.jpg 07D78E2B-F3D4-46F5-8E86-3546408F35AE.jpg

  • She looks to be an absolute little darling, but honestly I don't see any Basenji in there at all. But in case there is - welcome to the Forum !

  • I don't see Basenji, or Min Pin, or much Chihuahua... I almost want to suggest that she might be part-shepard. Based on the size of her paws, she could weigh in around 20-25 pounds when she's grown. But that's all just guesses. Please let us know what the DNA results reveal! (I always love that part!)

  • I don’t think you are, dang it and I want ALL the dogs to be Basenji! Still… great looking pup. Get a DNA test. If that pup has ANY Basenji in it, I’ll send you a beer. 👊😁👍

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