• Hello-

    My boyfriend and I rescued a dog back in August. Ollie is now about 7 months old. On the origial adoption paperwork they wrote lab/terrier mix, however, I don't think that is the case. We have had quite a few people mention Basenji to us- a breed I knew nothing about. After doing some research I do believe Ollie may be part Basenji (both physically and behaviorally). He was just neutered last week and the vet told me he weighs 33.6 llbs. Just looking for some opinions. Thanks…

    I have attached a few photos- one is from when Ollie was still a wee puppy- the others are more recent!


  • Do you have any photos of him standing up, a side view?

  • The last one, lying down with crossed paws, makes me think Basenji. Whatever he is, he is very cute! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Did he come from Taiwan, by any chance?

    His muzzle is a little wider and his coat seems a little plush (maybe still puppyish), but aside from that, he resembles a lot of Formosan Mountain Dog mixes I know.

  • He is Gorgeous! The third picture looks a little Basenji to me, but I'm not an expert

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