Jax the Basenji Mix

Prior to 2016, we had two basenjis, our last girl died in October 2015 at the age of 16. So, we had decided to go the shelter route and find a new dog. Just happened to see this guy from North Carolina and snapped him up immediately--he is definitely a mix of basenji and other hounds. He YODELS!!! When I come home in the evening, he'll greet me at the door with yodels! Smart as a basenji, a tissue scrounger like our last two, but not as independent at all. Very dog friendly, which was not the case with our b's as they aged. Such a playful and always happy fellow, very much adored and loved. Thinking of trying him at either agility or lure coursing in the future.

I took the liberty of reuploading. To get it to show on the forum, you need to use the up arrow next to the smiley face. Just let me know if you want me to remove it. What a cutie... definitely see basenji.

So cute. And there is nothing better than a yodel when you get home!

He is so CUTE! He has eyes that could melt your heart❤️! You are very fortunate - he is a
Beautiful dog!

A Mix who yodels ! It can't be better than that ! You are both very lucky -

@zande said in Jax the Basenji Mix:

A Mix who yodels ! It can't be better than that ! You are both very lucky -

😞 I had 2 that don't yodel, then Pam gets in the "low riders"... basenjis bred with something with dwarfed legs. They look like basenjis other than those legs. And some of those suckers yodel. Life is not fair. I miss yodeling Sayblee.

@debradownsouth My girl that passed last year was a proficient talker / yodeler. My current B only occasionally makes a noise like a seal lol. You don’t realize how much you miss it until it’s gone.

My Hoover is not a yodeller. Keeper seems to have learned recently and when he yodels he looks so surprised. Some of my friends are greeted with enthusiastic baruhs. But not all !!!

Thank you Debra!! I appreciate you turning him around so all the blood didn't rush to his head in the photo!! 😉

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