Basenji mixed with…?

Dexter shows signs of having Basenji in him… two toes on each foot are semi-attached and he lets out a yodel-like sound before actually barking, plus his markings are consistent with Basenjis.

However, he is about 55 pounds, usually has a somewhat deep bark, and loves to chase small animals (chipmunks, etc.). He doesn't have a curled tail, although it curves up a bit.

He is rediculously intelligent and is great with listening to commands. I would love to know what you think he is mixed with!

Thanks for your input 🙂

He's a beautiful dog but I do not see any Basenji in him. His ears are adorable and really give him character. 🙂

He sure is cute! The toe thing is basenji-ish, and his markings could also be, though other types of dogs have those markings too. The last picture makes him look sort of wrinkly. Some combination that includes sharpei? You can get a DNA test kit from, and they sell them at PetSmart and some other dog stores too, if you really want to figure him out. The reports are wonderful, they go back five generations and tell you exactly what your dog is, and what their characteristics are as well. We had our mix done, and were delighted with the results for the money.

The traits you described are also found in most of the Nordic/spitz type dogs. I don't see anything overly basenji-ish about him in the pics. What ever he is, he's very hansome.

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