• Hi everyone,

    I have a wonderful dog by the name of Yoshi that I found abandonded at a rest stop when he couldn't have been a lot older than 6 weeks old. Ever since then (I have had him almost 3 years now) my family and I have been trying to figure out what kind of mix he is. We are pretty sure that he is part basenji (because of the funny squinty/suspicious eyes and the fact that he can run at the speed of light) but I just wanted to post some pictures on here so all you basenji owners can let me know what you think.


  • The first two pics don't look very Basenji-esque… But the last two could reflect some.
    How big is Yoshi? Do you have any pictures of him standing up that show his full body?
    He is super cute!

  • Thanks! I think the last time we took him to the vet he was around 38 pounds. I am thinking maybe he is mixed with a basenji and something else that is slightly bigger?? Not sure though. Here are some pictures where you can see his whole body.

    Thanks again!

  • Kind of looks part Vizsla to me. My sister has 2 and she thinks they act a lot like my Bs.

    BTW…welcome to the forums and thanks for the pictures of your handsome man!!

    (found the above after I posted. Look familar?)

  • He's got a really big chest. Reminds me of my dobie. I can't tell what I think he's mixed with– could be lots of things. Cute little Heinz. 🙂

  • The second picture makes her look like there's some pit in her. I found a few pics of a pit-vizsla mix that look similar, but no curled tail.

  • No idea of the mix, but he is a great looking dog and a very lucky one that you found him. Welcome!

  • He reminds me very much of a American Stafford! (he's very beautiful!!! :D)

    My friend breeds them and her little boy looks like Yoshi!
    If you want to look: www.fromeltorosrun.com

  • Yoshi is a beautiful dog, whatever the mix. He has gorgeous eyes!!!;) By the way, does he bark?

  • Yeah, he does bark, but he also makes alot weird bizarro noises and is really vocal (not always barking).

  • Hmmmmm… I see the major resemblance of the Vizsla, but most Vizslas don't have "perky" ears... Most have those long thin floppy ears. Hard to tell what he is, but there is something about those deep dark eyes that keeps drawing me in. There are the strange vocalizations you mentioned, too! The reason the tail is not familiar to most Vizslas is the fact that it is not "semi-docked." I don't know if there would be a slight curl to the Vizsla tail... His markings are quite beautiful, but could lend themselves to the Basenji or quite a few other breeds.

  • First Basenji's

    Pit and Stafford I would agree with …

    Looks like you found yourself a wonderful companion!!!!!!

  • Hi there,

    Really funny, as during summertime 2008 I was orienting myself for a Basenji pup (of course for the end of the year:) ). But then I ran into an other dog which stole my heart. Also I found her a bit a basenji-look-a-like (curl in her tail, she can also run as speedy as a Basenji. She does bark but when she is watching animal planet her barking turns into a kind of baroooehh when she sees apes on the tv.

    But after searching what breed could be in 'her', I'm now convinced there is a pit/staff in her. And looking at your pictures, I got the same feeling: there is a pit/staff in there.

    I have added 4 pictures of my basenji-look-a-like which is more a pit:D

    Maybe you see some similarities?

  • Lovely dog, no matter what the breed.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  • @JulYEAH:

    Yeah, he does bark, but he also makes alot weird bizarro noises and is really vocal (not always barking).

    We have a rescue(r) dog who appeared on our side porch at 2:30 a.m. at about 3 months old. The vet has agreed she is probably a Basenji mix; however, she pointed out that DNA tests are notoriously expensive and inaccurate. Your dog certainly seems to carry the characteristics. Many people have approached us to ask if she is a Basenji. One of them is a man who works in Africa, where they are common. He first pointed out her curved tail. The body style, with the tiny waist, also seems to fit. And the SPEED is astounding. She is compelled to run, and has a nose that won't quit. She also makes weird noises: the classic "yodeling." Purebred Basenjis are said not to bark; however, I believe as a mix she got the best of both worlds. She follows every personality characteristic I have discovered about Basenjis:

    *Curved Tail
    *Narrow Waist
    *The ability to "yodel"
    *Social, But NOT Strictly a One-Owner dog - She loves everyone and will take a trip around the world before coming home if she escapes and has friends all over the neighborhood);
    *"Built-In Entrenching Tools" - She digs holes everywhere;
    *Excruciatingly Intelligent - She will sometimes contemplate whether a command is in her best interest before performing it.
    *Crazy-Brilliant "Hunting" Nose - She can sniff a squirrel, cat, or other intruder from three doors down and cannot rest until she has chased it away.

    The other part(s) of her heritage have remained a mystery. There is apparently a larger breed in the mix, as she is about 10 pounds heavier than a Basenji, with a wider facial structure. This morning I saw a picture of a Visla and had an "aha!" moment.

    We may both have the honor of owning Basenji-Visla mixes!

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