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Izzy has a friend (a rat terrier) who is a super-cute, intelligent, and energetic and he bears a strong resemblance to your baby. He exhibits many of the same characteristics as the Jack Russel. Being a terrier, he is a VERY busy dog. LOL

Whatever her heritage may be, she is adorable.

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Yeah, he does bark, but he also makes alot weird bizarro noises and is really vocal (not always barking).

We have a rescue(r) dog who appeared on our side porch at 2:30 a.m. at about 3 months old. The vet has agreed she is probably a Basenji mix; however, she pointed out that DNA tests are notoriously expensive and inaccurate. Your dog certainly seems to carry the characteristics. Many people have approached us to ask if she is a Basenji. One of them is a man who works in Africa, where they are common. He first pointed out her curved tail. The body style, with the tiny waist, also seems to fit. And the SPEED is astounding. She is compelled to run, and has a nose that won't quit. She also makes weird noises: the classic "yodeling." Purebred Basenjis are said not to bark; however, I believe as a mix she got the best of both worlds. She follows every personality characteristic I have discovered about Basenjis:

*Curved Tail
*Narrow Waist
*The ability to "yodel"
*Social, But NOT Strictly a One-Owner dog - She loves everyone and will take a trip around the world before coming home if she escapes and has friends all over the neighborhood);
*"Built-In Entrenching Tools" - She digs holes everywhere;
*Excruciatingly Intelligent - She will sometimes contemplate whether a command is in her best interest before performing it.
*Crazy-Brilliant "Hunting" Nose - She can sniff a squirrel, cat, or other intruder from three doors down and cannot rest until she has chased it away.

The other part(s) of her heritage have remained a mystery. There is apparently a larger breed in the mix, as she is about 10 pounds heavier than a Basenji, with a wider facial structure. This morning I saw a picture of a Visla and had an "aha!" moment.

We may both have the honor of owning Basenji-Visla mixes!

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