• This is Skylar. I got her from a pound when she was four months old. She is 11 months now and someone just recently mentioned she looked like a basenji. Of all the breeds people have pointed out this one looks and acts the most like her.

    The body is very similar, the face especially. She has a white stripe down her chest and some white on her paws. The big difference is that her tail isnt curled up. It curls slightly, but is more like a labs.

    She is highly energetic and destructive when left alone. She hates to be alone. She is somewhat dominant and aggressive with other dogs especially when food is involved, but she is perfect with people.

    Anyway, I just wanted to post a picture to see what some basenji owners thought. Could she have some basenji in her?


  • Welcome to the forum. Skyler is very cute.

    Do you have any more pictures of her? How big is she? Her face looks more like a pharaoh hound, especially with those ears.

  • She is very cute, but don't think she is Basenji… I would vote for a lab/pharaoh (as WBL noted) mix..... but welcome to the forum

  • here are a few more pictures. One is with our chocolate lab Hershey. Hershey is about 65-70 pounds. She is a smaller lab. Skylar is 40 pounds now, but may have been slightly smaller in the picture with Hershey.


  • Basenji_mutt- look at my topic : BI BAHATIKA Loango & his family
    and there are link to our gallery and pics of one of my dogs. Your Skylar is similar like my Max!!! 😃

  • Your dog looks a lot like mine. We were told that ours may be a basenji/lab mix. Our Shadow is 3 years old and the sweetest thing you've ever met.

    So, what do you all think? Could he be a basenji mix? Some of the things that lead me this way is that he does groom himself a lot. He can bark, but very rarely. We could go weeks between a bark and then it's just a single woof or two. He does make a lot of other sounds. One we call his "piggy sound". If you scratch him under his neck, he sometimes makes that sound. He's a tad larger (about 30 pounds, but that's where I think the lab may come into play) and his tail also looks more like a lab's. No white on him, except some highlights here and there, but not sure they are even white. Maybe more like a tan? Chases squirrels, birds or anything small with a vengence. Anyway, still trying to figure out exactly what our little guy is made of. Your Skylar is adorable. Looks so much like our Shadow! Hopefully the photos will show up. Never done this before.

  • It is possible. He could be several generations of mix…which in the end will often look Basenji-like. He is cute though! His behavior and lack of bark sound like he might be part B.

  • Thanks for the reply. 🙂 The other thing he does is make a whimper/whining sound. Does it when he sees squirrels in the yard and especially when we pass the horse farm near us. Cracks me up. I laugh each and every time. He's also very affectionate. He loves to curl up next to us and would sit forever if we kept petting him. He's very nasal. Makes funny breathing sounds through his nose and snores a lot. We've only had him for a few months, but love him to pieces already.

  • Well one thing that he definitely is - is cute! Welcome!

  • Great looking dogs

  • Well, we've learned something new from Shadow. He howls! So funny. If my hubby starts howling, he'll howl right along with him. So cute. When my hubby stops, Shadow stops and walks over to kiss him on the face.

  • Lol thats so cute when any dog starts to copy their owner. I know the Benny as I call him copies me when I sit on the arm rests of the couch and I'm looking out the window. But when we're on the net he has to step on the keys to feel like one of the guys.

  • What a CUTE dog 😃 Those eyes are so sweet….he must have you wrapped up tight 😃

  • What a beautiful dog

  • I think you definately have a dog with lots of basenji in him and the behavior and face are a dead give away! Advice…crate the dog before it gets out of hand!

  • Rafismom, we started him out in a crate, but he hated it. Cried something fierce. We then started leaving him in my son's room, and he was absolutely fine….well, until he started crying again. Then we gave him roam of the house while we were gone, and have had no problems at all. Yes, I know. I'm lucky! He absolutely hates for us to leave, but he's good while we are gone. No complaints here, for sure. Maybe it's the possible black lab that mixed in that makes him so calm? He has his moments, especially outside when he sees a squirrel, etc., but overall he's a very calm pooch.

    Just last week, I was walking the dog at a local park when I hear a woman saying something about the dog. She was a good distance away. I then realize she was talking to me and asked if my dog was friendly. I said, "yes" and she came over to pet him. She told me that the dog reminded her of her first dog. She said her first dog was a basenji. After more chatting, she said that it was actually a basenji mix, but that my dog looked a lot like hers. She told me how much she loved that dog and told me all sorts of stories about her. Such a nice lady. Gave me a few bits of advice and about a half hour later we parted ways. This is my first dog, and I've been amazed at how friendly other dog people are when I'm walking him. This has been a great experience.

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