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your dogs are so cute I wish my basenji and my doxi would get along that well.

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yeah i know what you mean it just won't leave Minnesota! GRRRRR SNOW!

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What a beautiful dog

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Lol thats so cute when any dog starts to copy their owner. I know the Benny as I call him copies me when I sit on the arm rests of the couch and I'm looking out the window. But when we're on the net he has to step on the keys to feel like one of the guys.

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Okay well I got Benny who is 5yrs old as my foster dog and he is a great dog. But we have a 9month old mini doxie and she is very hyper and can annoy big dogs easliy but they never hurt her. Benny will growl at her in the house but not out side he just ignores her. But lately hes been showing signs that tend to worry me. He's showing his teeth at her and any other dog that gets to close as well as growl. Now he mainly does this when hes near us and our puppy wants to come play with us or sit next to us and hes already on the other side of us. I need some help because I want him to get a good home and say with confidence that he can live with other dogs. I was told that he is protective of his people but it onlys around other animals. If any one knows any good tips please let me know so I can work with him right away.

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