Basenji mix??

Hello! I got this puppy a couple weeks ago! Her name is Onna! She is about to be 10 weeks old and I had no idea what breed she is until I saw some pictures of basenjis! Do you guys think that's what she is? What else could she be mixed with any ideas?!!0_1494625073581_IMG_5146.JPG

Doesn't look like a basenji to me

@margiem really?! I have no idea what breed this little girl is then! She weighs 7 lbs so I counted chihuahua out, maybe some cattle dog mix?? I have no idea!

@stelleystar - Very cute, but I don't see Basenji

I don't see basenji, but with mixes maybe not obvious til older. Regardless, she is extremely cute.

OMG soooo cute. Her colouring and face don't look like a basenji, but maybe she's mixed with something with stronger genes. Do a DNA test. That would be fun!

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