Am I Basenji?


Other than completely affectionate and adorable and really obsessed with fine shoes, what I want my mum to know is am I really a Basenji?

Looks more chihuahua to me.

Could be a mix. I would like to see a side shot. How tall and what is the weight? Barks, or not?

@eeeefarm 0_1565887466451_E5B6D2DC-BAC3-4E16-9921-16725AB0C4A1.jpeg

Otis is 22 pounds, 17 inches tall and according to foster does not bark.

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Otis is 22 pounds, 17 inches tall and according to foster does not bark.

O. K. so within expected parameters for a Basenji. Only DNA testing will tell you for sure, but certainly big for a Chihuahua. It would be interesting to know more about his mannerisms.

@eeeefarm he is very affectionate and mellow. Fist one to bed, last one up. He doesn’t bark but foster has never heard him howl or yodel either.

First one to bed, last one up, would describe several of my Basenjis! 😉

@aprilmaymac That is definitely a Basenji pose. He sure looks like a Basenji mix to me. My Basenji mix is also the first one to bed and the last one up. Enjoy, they are uniquely wonderful dogs.

Wow! He’s really cute! Second photo looks like a Basenji pose to me too! Looks like a basenji mix! Congratulations on your new pup!🐾🐕

Chihuahua/Basenji Mix... maybe?
The coloring and marks are familiar to the Basenji...
The size, stature, and facial structure all relate to Chihuahua...

If you decide to do a DNA test, please let us know!

@elbrant said in Am I Basenji?:

Chihuahua/Basenji Mix... maybe?

I agree with elbrant. The head is wrong for a Basenji but not quite right (though closer) for a Chihuahua. Whatever he is - just love him for himself !

You guys are ALL amazing. Thank you for your thoughtful replies. I will continue my investigation and if we get Basenji DNA back you will all be the first to know!❤

Definitely Chi/Bazenji cross cute little thing about mix breed dogs Is more often than not the crossing decrease common health Issues and diseases in both breeds so you get the best of both worlds He is really cool looking too!

@aprilmaymac Mine will bark so much for barkless lol she only will give 1 bark then starts the seconds turns into her talking in sentences ( yodel )

Otis looks extremely cute and loveable. Siz and weight are within Basenji Parameters. The pose that others post are Basenji like are a standard play bow exhibited by dogs of all varieties so not really indicative. You're naturally curious but when it comes down to it I'm sure DNA results will not make an iota of difference in your love for Otis..

@patty you are so right that DNA won’t matter! We have a play date tomorrow morning so I will get some better images and hopefully a video of his voice. If all goes as planned his crate and bed and toys are ready!!!

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Great stuff!! I look forward to seeing more of Otis. X X

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