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    If you want to "embed" an image in your post, use the next to last icon (indicated by the orange arrow). This allows you to upload the image from your computer files. The tag will look similar to ![computer file](online url path) You can change the "name" of your computer file between the [ ] brackets without changing the information on your own computer.

    If you want to "link to" an image that is online (in Overdrive, Googles drive, Facebook, etc), use the 6th icon (indicated by the blue arrow). The tag will look similar to ![alt text](image url). Similar to the uploaded image tag, you can change the information between the [ ] brackets without creating a problem. Then replace the "image url" text with the online location of the file.

  • Useful information, thanks for posting it. Seems quite a few people have trouble with image upload. The other problem is posting pictures with the wrong orientation, so that they appear rotated 90 degrees on the screen. This is not a hard thing to correct before you post, and makes it easier for viewers to have a good look at your dog. I can always sort the orientation myself, but in most cases I'm too lazy to take that extra step unless the picture really interests me....

    There are tools online to help you rotate your image if you don't have software on your computer or phone to do that.

  • Unless things have changed, remember that photos posted here become the property of the Basenji Forums owner.

  • Which is why I only upload low resolution images processed from my original and really not printable. And I am guessing just because they post that the image becomes their property doesn't make it so, particularly when it is buried somewhere and hard to find, instead of a bold statement everyone can see....

    I went looking for that information and found it here:

    The pertinent information is under forum content and it looks like typical CYA legalese. I doubt it is meant for any sinister purpose, more about their rights to modify, delete, backup, etc.

  • Thank you for the heads up @tanza and @eeeefarm! I didn't think of that... I found the area mentioned in our Read First Guidelines. After reading it, here is my interpretation of the intent of the legalize (I hope it makes sense):

    (My interpretation: I am not an Attorney)
    If the owners of the forum select content (written or an image) for use in an advertisement, brochure, fundraising campaign, etc., the original poster will have no recourse. No permission to do so will be required on the part of the forum's owners. And, the forum owners are not obligated to pay, or make any compensation for the use of the materials posted on the forum. This eliminates problems like:

    • Trying to track down a member to gain permission, which could be anywhere from difficult to impossible.
    • Forum members come and go. Some stay for a single post, others are here for years (yay!).
    • Email addresses become obsolete.

    (My interpretation: I am not an Attorney)
    Members are not supposed to post materials from other websites for the same reason as above.

    • To avoid any legal issues should the forum owners decide to use that content in advertising, a brochure, fundraising campaign, etc. And,
    • To avoid any legal issues that might arise if someone found their material on the website, but didn't put it there themselves, and really didn't want it there in the first place.

    Think of all the Disney related memes online. Only Disney has the right to post their content, and if they do... they have to let the forum owners use it in their promotions without any sort of payment. If Disney finds material that they didn't post themself, they could legally pursue action to have it removed. Which could be costly.

    [note: I used Disney as an example because they actually have employees whose sole job is to make sure no one is using their copyrighted materials without permission.]

  • @eeeefarm It does make it possible for them to use those images... which is why I do not post any photos.. I am not saying that it would be for sinister purposes... just that that is the sites but it can be used other than on this site... I refer people to my website that is protected...
    Not that I have anything against the Forum just that my photos are mine and I would not want them used on any other site without my agreement. I have seen too many using photos from people that are used in comments/sites that do not represent Basenjis in the light that they are not responsible.. such as non shedding, non barking and/or silent ... which we all know they are not. I want control over my photos of my Basenjis regardless

  • @tanza I don't think the intent is to strip your copyright of your personal photos. More that you are giving them the right to use those images without any financial consideration. I doubt the forum owners would create a legal issue over you using the same photo(s) here and on your Facebook Feed, or your own website, etc.

  • @elbrant - Think what you want.... just saying that because of their policy I do not post pictures. And yes, years ago I have found photos when I did post pictures on other sites because permission from the Forum owner was not needed for them to use

  • The legal clause in our rules around content is pretty standard for most dynamic content public user forums to protect the owners from any legal claims related to content rights.

    This forum gets indexed by many other sites, so content ends up showing up on the other sites without our consent and we don't want to be dealing with each site that decides to copy our content. If anyone has concerns about ownership of any content you are about to post in a public forum, just know that it may get redistributed to another place without anyone's knowledge or permission, so if it's a concern please don't post it and save us all some trouble.

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