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Beautiful pics and handsome dog. Congratulations

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@kembe said in Dog Tales:

Kembe had her yearly vet appointment on Monday and the vet said he had just watched a PBS special on dogs and he didn’t know that the Basenji was the oldest known dog breed directly descended from the wolf. He suggested I watch the show - which was very interesting. It’s called DOG TALES - NOVA Season 47, Episode 2, and its 54 minutes long. It first aired 2/12/20 and available to view until 3/11/20. You can watch it online or stream it. The Basenji is considered to be the “GRANDAD OF ANCIENT DOGS”, is the most ancient breed and the closet ancestor of the wolf. I really enjoyed the episode - it was very interesting.

Wow, I didn't know our race was the oldest. How curious!

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@nalathepup said in Rescue pup. Basenji?:

I have a small dog about 19-20 pounds she’s red and white she has features of a Basenji she’s about 6-8 months. I’m not completely sure because I got her For free from a sketchy person. She was really sick and skinny with flees as well as ear mites and no shots. She has similar markings and body weight, and she doesn’t bark she makes noises and sometimes sounds like she’s trying to howl. She usually holds one foot up and is observant and very shy to new people. The only thing I’m unsure about is her tail, it isn’t as tightly curled as a Basenji’s tail normally is, it just barely touches her back. I would love feedback from people with basenjis. Thank you

I see it really beautiful although from what you comment it can be seen that they did not treat it very well. I hope you give him all the love he deserves 🙂

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@shermanfive said in Basenji National event in Arizona:

I am looking at attending the event being held in Tuscon Arizona Nov 2019.
As a soon to be Basenji owner is this an event for observers ? Is there a cost? If I can only attend 2 days what are the "must see" events

What day is the November event exactly? To be honest, it looks very well.

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@doggonecrazy It is certainly a beautiful dog. I was looking for a new dog because I have one but lately I want to expand the family. The breed I wish I had now is a miniature bull terrier, loyal and strong by nature. Looking for a bull terrier breeders near me I found the Costa Cabana breeder and the truth is that it has very good reviews. Does anyone know him? How is it? A greeting!

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I have not realized the truth. Where have you noticed?

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