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Hi Lena,

I am wondering what research you have done to determine a Basenji may be the right companion for you? Basenjis are not like labs or goldens, they are not like any other dog you may have come to meet and enjoy. Even Though the wild has been taken out of most Basenjis unfortunately :(, they are still pretty wild and oftentimes not child friendly (mine have been and I was very lucky). I would spend a day with a Basenji household if at all possible or visit a reputable breeder to better understand this breed. Wish you the best.

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Hi KiwiGirl, my first Basenji (a male, congo) was completely wild and untrainable. I don't want to be negative or hopeless here, so please take this as one person's experience. Congo was treat motivated but only when he wanted to do something. Super smart and understood hundreds of words in 3 languages as we are a tri-lingual household but would do things as he pleased. Anyway I tried the clicker and it worked indoors but outdoors he was super distracted and too many stimuli for a sight and scent hound.
My 4 year old girl (Kala) is a bit better and I think the breeders are changing the genetic of the Basenji to be less wild (good and bad). I have had better luck with her but if you are looking for a lab or a shepherd level submission and trainable dog, unfortunately a Basenji may not be your breed. They are amazing dogs but you have to outsmart them and keep them busy. You have to understand what motivates them and that takes time and trust. The human Basenji owner need the training to share a life with a Basenji and not the other way around. Good luck and I am confident you will have a lot of fun.

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