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San Francisco bay basenji owners

Anyone in this area who would like to meet upand go to a dog park.

  • RE: Horses to Dogs

    @EmKayLyn Sorry for the late response. Busy couple o weeks. I got to be Best Man at one of my very best friend's wedding over the weekend. Cool part is we got to dress like cowboys!

    Anyway... on to your enquiry... I've never met any breeder who wasn't willing talk about their Basenjis. Basenji people are pretty dang proud of the breed and their dogs. You might consider contacting an officer of the Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin. They may be aware of breeders who are breeding but are not listed on their website.

    Also, Google AKC Dog Shows in Wisconsin. I did and there are several that are coming up in August. Dog shows can be a tough place to talk with breeders if you go in with the wrong approach, but it can be a great place to see the dogs and meet breeders if you are careful...

    AKC shows, based on my limited experience, are put on by one or two kennel clubs over a weekend. Each club seems to hold a show for two days. So a BIG show, a two-kennel club show goes for four (Thursday through Sunday). Saturday and Sunday are by far the busiest. My Google search turned up at least three shows.

    I would consider choosing a day. You usually have to pay for parking, but not admission. First thing is to find the AKC info table and ask what time the Basenjis are showing and then ask for the ring number.

    This next part is important... Don't even think about getting close to owners or handlers or starting a conversation an hour before showtime. This is game day. They're focused on settling their dogs down, last minute grooming, managing stress, coaching one another, etc. Stay out of the way! It's not personal.

    But!!! If you find out ring time is 2:00pm... hike the show grounds and find the Basenjis. Check all the nooks are crannies. Sometimes strong clubs congregate. Sometimes people keep to themselves. They'll be inside buildings, outside, near RVs, cars, etc. You just have to hunt them down. If you get there early and find them well before ring time... you have a great chance of having meaningful conversations.

    Again, just remember this is game day. Breeders who show are committed to the breed. Winning a show is validation that the direction they are taking their line is being validated by judges. It can be and is a big deal.

    Another cool thing about going to a show is seeing the different Basenji models. Sorry, I'm a car guy, so that term works for me... Red and whites, Black and whites, Tris, Brindles and variations of those. You'll also be able to observe temperamental differences of males and females in the ring. It's really interesting.

    Here's the tough part. The Google search won't tell you how many or if any Basenjis will be there. The only way I've ever been able to tell is when I've registered for a show. I registered for a show earlier this year only to learn that there wasn't any competition. That means no points for us even if we won anything. It was a 400-mile drive, so I just forfeited the entry fee and didn't go. Maybe one of our more knowledgeable members can shed some light on that?

    I love shows and definitely want to encourage you. I love ALL the Basenjis! Shows are a great place to see them. Again, with a careful approach and a thoughtful plan... you'll meet some breeders face to face. Chances are you may even meet a potential momma and/or papa too! Hope this helped.

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  • RE: Hi From Greg, Logan and Princess Sparkle

    @zande.She was 22 lbs when We got her. She’s at 24 now. She’s been losing about .2 to .3 lbs per week. She had been at 25.

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  • RE: Hi From Greg, Logan and Princess Sparkle

    @Tanza & @Zande It was funny... after the puppies had been weened and left soon after, Sparkle slimmed down almost right away. And it was after her heat in April that she packed the pounds back on. She's better now, but I'd like to see her lose another pound, pound and a half or so. Logan is looking lean and svelte again. He's good to go.

    @elbrant I love British sports cars! This is my second 70' MGB. It's a much better running car than when we got it. Pulls strong now with rebuilt and re-tuned carburetors. We've been chasing electrical gremlins left and right. We've sorted much of it, but we still have more tackle. The Spitfire is another really cool British sports car. Love Triumphs. I've never had one, but I've always appreciated them!

    It's funny... many MGB aficionados loath the 1970. British Leyland had taken over MG in 1968. They finally exerted design influence in model year 1970. That's when they introduced the "Fish Mouth" grille and split rear bumper. It gave the MGB a more Italian sports car aesthetic, which purists hated. I absolutely adore the look. Purists hate it like we hate puppy mills and people who won't test for Fanconi. Pretty devisive topic.

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  • Hi From Greg, Logan and Princess Sparkle

    Hi Basenji afficionados, it's a bit since I've posted an update. I've had a busy year so far... travel to care for my folks in Colorado, helped rebuild a house that a friend is trying to flip (timing is everything), bought a 1970 MGB Roadster that I'm smitten with, much work in the back yard, enjoying time with my son who's home from university (helped get him a job with a friend, so he's learning concrete and making money) and on it goes...

    Logan and Sparkle got fat... dang it. My fault. Too many snacks. Kill 'em with kindness. Been on a diet for a few weeks. Logan is back to optimal weight. Sparkle is losing it at a slower rate, but we're getting there...

    Aside from a few itchy bug bites on Sparkle, dogs are doing great! Hoping to do another litter in fall if the universe cooperates. No shows for me this summer. Too much going on, but I hope to get back to it. I'd really like Logan to get his Gch. Hope your summer is going well...

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  • Do you know of a dog transport (driving) services you trust?

    Hey lovely Basenji folks. My friend is looking for a driver to bring her dog from Atlanta, GA area to San Diego. Do you know of a trusted transport service?

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  • RE: Roux's 1st Show!

    @tanza yep. I learned that from Stella and had purchased a pair prior to that show...

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  • RE: Roux's 1st Show!

    @Roux Congratulations! I remember my first show last year. I was very nervous, but everyone there, including @tanza (especially @tanza), made me very welcome. Great encouragement and coaching. One funny memory was standing around with all the Basenji people and I asked, "Are any of you trimming tails this weekend?" Jeff, Pat and a few others started talking about it and decided as a group... Nope. I'd purchased special clippers and never took them out of my kit bag. There are competitive people, but I was able to find a great group of friendly people to spend the event with.

    Oh, and I'll ALWAYS remember Logan and my first ribbon. It means more to me than the 5-point Major. We'd done it... together. Be proud and savor the win you achieved as a team with your doggie! 👊 😁 👍

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  • RE: Sudden Behavior Change (desperate to go outside)

    @yahtzee92 Could be that there is a bitch in heat somewhere in your neighborhood. In other words nature is screaming at his nose. Could also be that he’s becoming bored in the house. Maybe a few new toys that make him use his brain to keep him busy. That’s about all I can think of…

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  • RE: Biting at the air

    @dave That’s a weird one. No, I’ve not seen this before. I wonder if she may have developed floaters is one or both eyes? Maybe onset of a cataract? I’d be inclined to take her to a doggy eye doctor to rule out any eye issues.

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