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My girl, Jungle Jane, had vestibular disfunction. She had 3 attacks over a 6 month period so be alert to the possibility that it could happen again. Nothing the vet could do except check for ear infections, blood work, etc. I found it very scary. Only wish I had known about the syndrome before but that is hindsight I guess. I am curious if it is common for basenjis? After her attacks she was unable to climb stairs on her own and it obviously "aged" her. One thing that happened to her that I didn't know at the time was that her retina detached in one eye. I'm not sure if this was because of vestibular or just a coincidence but I didn't catch it because I thought she was just head tilting from VD. By the time I took her to an eye vet it was too late to save her eyesight in that eye. I would recommend having eye exams after VD just in case.

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I've raised two Basenji's, both girls, Luna and Jungle Jane. Luna passed a few years ago and sadly Jungle passed last month. I thought I could live without a basenji.... I can't!! I would love to raise a black and white boy and wondering about a breeder on the west coast. I can travel to get him'z!! I got Jungle Jane from a breeder in Ohio, Rugosa's Basenji's through a dog park friend, Perry. I don't know if they still breed but would love to find someone closer. Thanks for any advice or information. PS- I met a black and white boy today in SF who was from a breeder in Seattle but I didn't get their name.... Jason

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I have two Basenji's, both females that grew up together so I think this is the only reason they don't fight… Whenever we are at the park and my younger girl sees another Basenji she goes nuts. If its another female... big fight. If its a male, possible big fight. Sometimes I and the other owner have tried to "let them work it out" but that doesn't always go so well. I'm just wondering if there is a proper way to introduce two Basenji's to reduce the chances of a fight. I'm jealous that the Pugs and Corgi's get to have their own play days at the parks here in San Francisco. They are all getting along and having a great time. I can't imagine a Basenji play day, it would be like a horror movie... Screaming, fighting, biting, scratching, dirt everywhere, crying and all the humans running off in the other direction.

How do they manage mating?


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My 15 yr. old B&W female has a hard lump on her front left leg. The vet did a test, then called for more $$ to do another test… then told me she has what might be Spindle Cell type cancer. I asked what it was and treatment and she said best way to prevent spread is to amputate :0 And to go to an oncologist here in San Francisco for more $$ tests and treatment. I was a little shocked that amputation on a 15 yr. old dog was first thing to consider. I'm not doing that to her, she's too old and frail already. So I started reading about Spindle Cell which can be anything from a list of over 15 different kinds of lump cancer under the skin. I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this on their B's? And what you did about it? I love my Luna girl but I can't afford thousands of dollars and don't want to torment her last years with operations and pain. I did read one article out of UC Davis that talked about removing visible bone tumors and then radiating once a week for 3 to 4 weeks which requires anesthesia each time.... not sure she could handle that either. I know this might not be survivable for her but I can't find any advice on how to get a dog through cancer, what to look out for, when is she truly in pain, what spindle cell does over time and when is enough for her and time to set her free 😞

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My name is Jason and I live with "two" Basenji females… Somehow they have worked it out and are good friends. My eldest is Luna a 15 yr. old black and white and Jungle Jane a red and white 8 yr. old. We live in SF and enjoy beach walks at the famous Fort Funston off leash dog park as well as the many other dog friendly parks in our city. Don't know many other B owners in town. As per Basenji rules, we have to leash up quick and avoid getting too close as they seem to fight first then maybe get a long...

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