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Looks more like a husky pit to me.

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@aprilmaymac Mine will bark so much for barkless lol she only will give 1 bark then starts the seconds turns into her talking in sentences ( yodel )

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Definitely Chi/Bazenji cross cute little thing about mix breed dogs Is more often than not the crossing decrease common health Issues and diseases in both breeds so you get the best of both worlds He is really cool looking too!

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was it Caldwell tx? We just adopted a 8month old pup from Craigs list Right in MY neighborhood. she is super sweet But I had a chocolate lab and suspected puppy mill Olio acres in Iowa and took her whole life of me searching and found several news Paper articles How they were busted at least 3 times with box truck full of different breed pups my hunch was right but she was the best dog ever. so we adopted (kinda more rescued from life in small crate) but she has been reaslly good but have that hunch feeling again and decided to go through all her paper work looked up breeder on FB could not locate so did google search added word Bazenji and found this forum first post I read was about suspected puppymill/byb in Caldwell TX if you want to compare note be more than happy, never ever seen sale agreement health guarantee with just the name Joey as Sire i forgot dam and Paper work is at home. no reg # now in order to get AKC papers your dogs have to both be akc and have reg#s on pedagree didnt get a pedagree neither did the people who bought her had her shipped here.

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