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We got Killian from a breeder in Ohio–-Jim Edgerton. That's where he had gotten our previous male basenji. We took Logan and Jasmine to his place and looked at several 1 year olds and a puppies and Jasmine eliminated the others and we agreed with her pick.

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Here are pictures of our 12 year old Jasmine and newest addition as of last friday–-Killian (1 year old). Jasmine picked him out and he is just settled right into our family. As you can see from the one photo he loves our son Logan and Logan loves him.


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Hi Everyone, I am a new member from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. I signed on to the forum about 3 weeks ago after losing our male basenji, Pharaoh. He was 10 years old and we had to put him to sleep very suddenly. We took him to the vet because we thought he had a bad tooth or gum infection because he started having trouble chewing. The vet scoped his throat and found a large mass in his throat that had started to engulf his tongue. There was nothing they could do, surgery was not an option so we lost him. I can't tell you how much we miss him.

We still have a female basenji, Jasmine, that just turned 12 yesterday. Needless to say she being showered with attention from myself, my husband, and our 4 year old son. She is loving it.

We absolutely love basenjis and their antics. The joke in our house when we had my son was that we did not have to baby proof anything because it was already basenji proofed. Both dogs were and are wonderful with our 4 year old.

We want another one, but are struggling with our loss and trying to make sure it's right to get another one so soon after losing our buddy.

Anyway, I ended up on the forum because of missing my pharaoh so much I just wanted to read about other basenjis and their antics.



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