• We adopted our 8 month old dog Sadie from Spain a few weeks ago and after being initally told they thought she might be a sharpei/podenco cross, we are now wondering if she might be part basenji.
    As you can see from the pics, she has a wrinkly forehead and pricked ears. She hasn't barked since we've had her, but she has done a single sort of short sharp "half woof" on two occasions, she also whines at times. (Her brothers don't bark either, I'm told)
    She washes herself like a cat and has a cat-like pounce when she runs after a ball or toy. Sometimes it's a high double pounce before she reaches the item, followed by a roll over. She also acts the fool in the garden, rolling over and over down the hill, rolling over when she catches a ball, rolling over and biting clumps of grass, and zooming around like an idiot and nearly hitting walls and hedges before changing direction. When she runs in long grass she looks like a gazelle, leaping high in big arcs before landing each time, with both back legs landing together.
    She also has hackles like a mohawk which she raises when she's excited, nervous or scared, and sometimes when she's dreaming.
    She's obviously not a full Basenji as she's too big (17kg) and her tail isn't curled, but all her other looks and characteristics seem very much like one.

    Does anyone think she might have some basenji in her?

    ! 0_1495473883664_1.jpg

    [0_1495473557052_IMG_2549.JPG](Uploading 100%)


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  • She has some basenji-esque looks, but the only way to know would be to do a dna test. She's lovely no matter what she is!

  • Very cute, but I don't see Basenji..... but could be very hard to tell sometimes with a mix

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