Is my dog a basenji?

Maybe a mix. I'd like to see more pictures, side view standing would be good. How tall and how much does your dog weigh? Does it bark or yodel? Any other defining characteristics?


Could be a mix? Regardless he’s very cute! As @eeeefarm stated more information needed. He is ADORABLE! 🐾❤

Maybe a little Basenji in there, but I don't see much. Agree with others, need to see more pics. Side view standing would help.

But does it matter ? You love each other whatever is in his DNA.

He's cute !

I'm almost stumped on what kind of a mix this pup is. First thoughts leaned towards a Russell mix with maybe a smidgen of Basenji. But I don't think that's right either....

My dog is about 16months, 37lb, chest 25 in,neck is 18in. She is very energetic and very kind to most people and dogs. She barks but not too much when she hears noises or sees people or dogs she doesn’t like. We take her to walk and hike a lot everyday. She is a muscle girl! 0_1608851004973_769B4BFC-87E6-4976-AB72-910A90B80F35.jpeg

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Thanks for the side view. She does not look Basenji to me, but one never knows. Phenotype and genotype don't always coincide. We have seen pictures of dogs on here that look exactly like Basenjis, and then the DNA comes back negative. The reverse can also happen. BTW, you measure height at the withers (shoulder).

She is about 19 inches height, chest 22in, neck 14in

@eeeefarm thanks for your answer. I guess she is mix with basenji and Terrier?😀

@heather-g-y said in Is my dog a basenji?:

@eeeefarm thanks for your answer. I guess she is mix with basenji and Terrier?😀

The only way to be sure is to get a DNA test. With an unregistered dog it is always hard to tell just from appearance when you don't actually know her parents. But whatever she is, she's a cutie! Enjoy her.

Super cute any which way

@annie thank you for your answer and the compliment to my dog! Merry Christmas!

She is cute and appears to be a sweetheart.

WHAT a beautiful pup! I love her pretty face. You are she are going to share so much love and fun together, Basenji or not!!!

Happy New Year to you and your beauty!!!!

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