A Day At Basenji Park

Basenji Park happen to be open the day of the dog show in Harrisburg PA..:rolleyes: So we figure hey let's go visit the gang & the staff 😃 😃

We were greeted by the lovely Dogtravlr & and BasenjiBoy! What a fun time we had & I'm so thankful for their wonderful hospitality & patience with such a novice B owner :o :o I learned a whole lot & enjoyed myself to no end. It was sad to leave but we hope to visit again soon:D 😃

Enjoy the pics!


Thank You J 🆒

Those are great pictures, I love the Ojo shot!;)

Thanks for making the drive so very early in the AM and spending your day with Us….....it was great!:D

I look forward to meeting your Family and as you know you are always welcomed at Basenji Park.

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