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Thanks to all of you who enjoyed the photos and those who contributed caption ideas. It's something I have fun with every year. I just can't let all the out-take photos go to waste! 🙂

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The final batch of finalists are:

"That was eggnog? I didn't know it made you faw down!" from Chris
Indy: "I got a mani, pedi for Christmas. See."
Jigsaw: "Real men don't get mani, pedi's Indy."
Indy: "THEY DO TOO JIGSAW! That's why it's called a MANicure, not a WOMANicure. Tell her what you told me yesterday Mom!"
You: "Ummmm, about yesterday…" from Linda
"Indy...I can't take this anymore. Jigsaw...pipe down.. we need to please mom one more day!!!!
Smile and say Merry Christmas!!!" from Judy
"Raise your right paw and repeat after me. "I, Indy, promise not to bother Jigsaw's Christmas presents in exchange for her not eating my foot."
Indy, that is your left paw!" from J.R.
"Hahahahaha! That was the best one yet!" from Dawn

I also have to thank any of you who voted for us in the dachshund photo contest - we WON!!! Don't tell the dachshund people I said so, but...basenjis rule, dachshunds drool!! 😉

As our finale and our Christmas card to everyone, here is the proof that in spite of all the bloopers, I still managed to get some good photos! Jigsaw and Indy deserve all the credit for really being very good - in their minds these photo sessions are just "fun" - with lots of treats and new "toys" to play with!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Yesterday's pix list finalists are:

"Don't you turn your head and laugh at me! It's not my fault that
Mama shrunk my coat in the wash and no one will be able to read my Ho!
Ho! Ho!" from Dawn
"The effects of too many cookie samples while baking Santa's treats were immediately apparent…" from Jo Lynne
"Indy is slightly bloated from his holiday pom pom diet." from Sam
" she kidding! I can't breathe..gasp gasp" from Judy
"Maybe you?ll listen next time when I tell you these things shrink when you pee on them!" from Mike
"Oh, Mom! Slim, young gals should not be walking bulletin boards for fat, old guys. Indy on the other hand ...
Mom, Jigsaw just called me fat!" from J.R.
"Ok, now something is not right - yours fits and what the heck happened to mine?????????????" from Sue
Indy: "Does this outfit make me look fat?"
Jigsaw: "Define fat? A pregnant Holstein Cow ready to give birth sort of fat? Or I ate one too many ding dongs after dinner sort of fat?"
Indy: "The first fat."
Jigsaw: "Oh then, yes it does!" from - you guessed it - Linda 🙂

Time flies - here we are at the end already. Today Indy seems to want the spotlight all for himself. Poor Jigsaw's going to go find herself a chair of her own! The 12th day of Christmas bloopers - basenji style!

Thanks to anyone who's been voting in the dachshund website contest. We're currently within reach of 1st place!! Today is the last day to vote, so if you haven't already voted, we'd really appreciate it if you would! The contest page is at
You can vote for us by sending an email to with "vote for Marie" in the subject line. Thanks very much - beating all those dachshunds would feel so good! 🙂

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Yesterday's pix list finalists were:

"As soon as she is really asleep, I'm stealing her presents!" from Anne
Indy: "Oh Lord! Who knew a little Basenji could snore so loud!" from Rose
?We?d better get a LOT of treats for putting up with this.? from Peggy
"You think there was something in those treats we ate? Jigsaw? Jigsaw?" from Kevin & Amy
"I'm sleeping with one eye open – if Santa doesn't get here soon, those cookies are MINE!" from Chey
"How can she sleep at a time like this???? Doesn't she realize how ridiculous we look??!!!!!!!!!!!" from Dawn
Indy: that hat looks mighty tasty. Jigsaw: fine, whatev. u can have it. I'm done here. from Diana
"Indy getting ready to pounce on yet another festive holiday pom pom." from Sam
"Shhh, Mom, Jigaw is asleep. What should we dress her up as now? I am sure we could do something with whipped cream and silly string without too much noise." from J.R.
You reading:
"Had just settled down for a long winter's nap,
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter.... "
Indy: "Noooooo! Was it a burglar? I bet it was a burglar? What do'ya say Jigsaw, a burglar, like a cat burglar?"
Jigsaw: "Zzzzz...." from Linda

Only 2 days left! It's almost CHRISTMAS!! Today Indy demonstrates that one size does NOT fit all. This must be what it's like to dress an uncooperative toddler. The 11th day of Christmas bloopers - basenji style!

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Here are yesterday's finalists:

Santa (voice-over): Use the force, Luke .. er Indy.
Santa (voice-over): Use the force, Indy. Force the hat to our side.
Indy: HUH?! WHAT?!
Santa (exasperatingly voiced-over): Oh, never mind.
Santa (voice-over): Use the force, Jigsaw (not sure where Linda comes up with this stuff!!)

Jigsaw: No, it does NOT smell like chicken, Indy.
Indy: Well, ok, but it tastes like pom pom flavored chicken. Nyum nyum nyum from Sam

Indy "I've got him by the foot, you pull his hat off. Invisible? Ha! He didn't figure on Basenji XRay vision!" from Hank

Now for my next magic trick. My exotic, invisible cord and my intense concentration will pull my resisting, assistant, Indy, toward the enchanted hat.
Jigsaw, if we are going to do the Mexican Hat Dance, you have to put the hat on the floor! both from J.R. (I couldn't decide between these 2)

Today, Indy can't BELIEVE that Jigsaw would actually fall asleep in the middle of the photo shoot. The 10th day of Christmas, basenji style!

On another note, Jigsaw and Indy have a photo contest entry in a webpage contest run by a dachshund breeder client of mine. The page is at You can vote for us by sending an email to with "vote for Marie" in the subject line. One email per day until Dec 24th. We would appreciate any votes - it's turning out to be a tight race! 🙂

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Yesterday's pix list "finalists" were:
"Grab the end, Jigsaw, and I'll pull you up before the Roomba comes around again!" from Rose
"Jigsaw: PeeU Indy! You could knock over Santa you're so noxious. What is Mom feeding you?
Indy: The usual … elastic string, felt hats, stuffed stockings, pompoms, reindeer pelts from India, the backside of a fat old man's red pajamas ..." from Linda
"See that sign? I've really got her fooled, of course, she didn't see me chewing on this stocking!!!" from Sue
"Where are the goodies in that stocking?! Hey - come back, you sneaky thief!!!!" from Rea
"As the last Frito's Corn Chips "foot cookie" falls from his now empty
stocking, Indy tries to squeeze out any remaining crumbs with his bionic
jaws of steel." from Sam
"Why doesn't this darn megaphone work? I need to tell Santa what I want for Xmas." from J.R.
"Wait! What? I win! I win! Jigsaw ran away! Mwahahaha.." from Kevin and Amy

Today, it might appear at first glance that Jigsaw has won the tug-o-war. What you can't see, though, is that Indy's got the pom pom in his mouth. The coveted prize. The 9th day of Christmas bloopers, basenji-style! Posting a bit later than normal 'cause I am now on Christmas holidays. 🙂

Thanks to the people on the forum who have been playing along and posting captions. Considering the pix list response I receive, I had expected this to be a bit more popular here than it's turned out to be, but I will finish it out since I see that folks are looking at them, anyway. It'd be more fun, though, if more of you would put up some captions! 🙂

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At my house, Jigsaw and Indy's behaviour is always being compared to my old shepherd mix, Sassy, who has been gone for a couple of years now. Sassy was known as "The Good Dog". That explains my addition to the stocking. The one that Indy's chewing on actually says "Spoiled". 🙂

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Yesterday's pix list captions included:

"O dear, are we meant to be a cross between a moose, a sheep, a bear and a reindeer????? What is she doing to us…. are we now basooses, or sheepbaaaaas, babearenjis or senjideers??? Let's think it over and have a good nap" from Annechien (my spell check is having a coronary)
"Indy: "Oooooooo, what was in that egg nog?" Jigsaw: " I don't know, but I'm going to stick with toilet water". from Rose
"Indy: "I can't believe she dressed us like this...and then took PICTURES"
Jigsaw: "Not only that, she sent them to all of her friends!!!" from Hank
"The dangers of dog club Christmas parties - it's all fun & games til someone ends up in a reindeer suit." from Jo Lynne
"Well, she's FINALLY lost it - she thinks we're reindeer!!!!!" from Sue
"Shut your eyes and pretend to sleep ? and as soon as she leaves, the cookie jar is ours!!" from Mike
"Jigsaw and Indy lulled into submission by their radio controlled vibrating
stereophonic red nosed reindeer head heaters." from Sam (WHERE do you come up with these things?!)
"Jigsaw: "Ok, I get the curly fawn coat color and the dark brown antlers representing Santa's reindeer but what's up with the Bindi?"
Indy: "'Shh, I'm channeling Mahtma Ghandi;come in Ghandi!" from Linda (ditto)
"Indy, with the Santa hat we got cookies like Santa eats. Do dogs with reindeer hats have to eat straw?" from J.R.
and, how could I NOT use this one:
""Definitely embarassing, but a small price we have to pay for having the best mom!" from Cathy (their breeder - ok, maybe she's biased!)

Today, Jigsaw had had enough of Indy's shenanigans. (Note the foot at bottom of pic.) The 8th day of Christmas bloopers - basenji style!

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Such a handsome boy! And cool slideshow effect for the photos.
Merry Christmas to you as well! 🙂

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Yesterday's pix list finalists were:

"Look, Mom! His get up and go got up and went!" from Dawn
"Call 9-1-1!! I think he o d 'd on sugar cookies!" from Rose
"I guess I wore him out!!!" from Sue
"Mommmm, Indy ate ALL Santa's cookies and didn't even leave one for ME!" from Katy
"Hey! This is no time to rest! We gotta think up more mischief!!!" from Rea
"Now that Jigsaw has hypnotized Indy by rubbing his belly like a crocodile,
she can easily stuff him into his very own Christmas stocking." from Sam
"Too much candy." from Susan
""Look Mom, I pinned Indy! Where's my treat?" from Kevin and Amy
"He's asleep:) now it is mine…all mine!!!!" from Judy
"Jigsaw: "It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a wild women with a camera!"
Indy: "Oh the horror, the horror!" <he faints="">" from Linda

Today's wardrobe selection was a little less than popular. Their basenji pride looks a bit shattered. Don't worry - they recovered quickly. 🙂 The 7th day of Christmas bloopers - basenji style!

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