Dog park pics

Something caught his eye..

Look, a human cub..

Who's looking at who now huh?

Still standing there.. 😕

Puppies….!! Here...!!


Tillo sniffing

And begging

Can someone get that pup off my back..?

There was something good to smell..


More treats!!

Lycia coming out of the woods

Trotting around

Bush dog

Tillo in love

Hmm.. no love coming his way 😃

Back to his 'back up girlfriend' 😉

Happy Happy Happy 😃

awesome pics. You have beautiful pups!


Awesome pictures indeed, but I truly love the" bushdog" one..gorgeous..

Nice pictures and pups are so sweet. Looks like they had lots of fun not sure if I wish I was one of them or just that I could have been there. Thank you for sharing.

Rita Jean

Great pics! Your dogpark has to be one of the best in the world, with woods, bushes and open areas too, so exciting for exploring!

OMG–- I absolutely LOVE your pictures AND your dogs!! Tillo's one of my favorites! And his "back up girlfriend" is beyond adorable!! I love them as a pair and enjoy your pics and stories so much!!

:D:D:D Janneke, you pics crack me up, i just love the no love coming his way, poor Tillo:D
Also he looks great in his Meercat pose looking at the human cub.
Lycia looks to be having a great time with you she's beautiful

Beautiful pics, they are so funny. We could do with some dog parks like that!

Thanks for the nice comments. We love this dogpark.. If possible, we would move closer to this area just for the dogs.. There is not only this park, but also a route to walk. Dogs are allowed to walk loose there as well, but it's not fenced.. It's just nice to be able to let the dogs off leash without an increase in heart rate 😃 😉

Great pics! Your B Lycia looks a lot like my B 🙂

Beautiful dogs, and boy, are they in great shape!

I adore to look your photos, they are always great. 😃

Love your pics :D. Your dog park looks great, happy Bs.

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