Manah at the big dog park

I enjoyed your video, nice park.

Great video - Manah is beautiful and the park is wonderful - wish we had one like that here - we have some nice parks, but nothing like that!

Lovely video, Manah is a lovely Basenji. I like the way she managed to avoid the deep water and kept shaking any drops off, very sensible,lol.

Great video! Love the water part, typical basenji, "I hate it, but you other guys are having too much fun without me so maybe….oops! I got wet, oh well!" Also liked the fact that you felt the need to and rightfully so, put a bell on Manah. Looks like (wow, is Manah a girl or boy?) he/she didn't really need it but better safe than sorry, eh? Wish we had a nice dog park around here like that...I'm jealous.

Manah very pretty or handsome B and I do like the bell. Nice park great to see Manah give up and play in some of the water great. Thanks for sharing.

Rita Jean

Manah's a young lady and will be two around Thanksgiving. She is one of Khani's Basenji's and has the best temperament and sense of humor; a very good girl.

Again, thank-you for sharing and 'she' is adorable.

What a sweet girl! And what a great dog park!! I really liked the part where she decided to go into the water 🙂

Baby sat in my lap and watched her cuz…. Amy said.... whatever... she is my sis, why should I waste my time when I am busy?!!
Funny thing... Baby looked away each time they splashed in the water like, "Man, those dogs are REALLY stupid!"
Love tie vid!!

Nice little video of Manah having fun. What a great dog park!

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