Roo some images from the Dog Park

This week I found a Dog park about 20miles from us. Although I had gone there on wed this week, I took Miranda and Roo there today so Miranda could enjoy watching Roo finally run more freely. This will be a work in progress. I will be adding images as I complete them.

Come and get me

Hot Pursuit


Showed up just fine…what a happy smile your b has!

The Hunter…in his habitat?


He looks like he is having a great time! Great pictures.


Great pics…you can see just how much fun Roo had. I love the one with the vizsla in it.

The Visla's name was Athena. I think she was Roo's favorite new friend. She was way faster than he was, but she ran slow so she could chase him sometimes, instead of just him chasing her!

He likes the ladies, and apparently has a thing for red heads! lol


Looks like he is having a great time… and by the way, he looks to be in great weight for his age and size...

Great photos…fun for you and your b!

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