Dog park for the last time…together

  • Houston

    We are happy to have helped her in her journey to a deserving home..she will be so very happy at their house..I hope they will join the forum, I did of course tell them all about it…
    Thanks for the nice comments..
    Otis' price for being a good sport, another day on the 600+ acre area with cows, bunnies and birds....oh happy dog..

  • The last pic of you and her makes me crying a bit…

    Now a wonderful and happy live is waiting for her! Thanks to you 😉

    "Bitter sweet" is the right word for it!

  • Houston

    Thank you, bitter sweet it is..of course not even 24 hours had past before I emailed and asked how things were far things were great..she even slept like a baby.

  • You done good girl!

  • Houston

    Well, thank you..

  • Yes - I think, they can deal with new situations very well!
    Thabo and me are at my parents home for 2 till 3 days (because of Zuris season) and it seems to not matter at him.
    He is eating, playing and sleeping like always. Everything's fine for him 🙂

  • Great pictures.. always hard to give up a foster…

    I'm sure she gets a very nice home!

  • I hope Dotty settles into her new home quickly, it sounds perfect. Thank goodness there are people like you who take these poor dogs in, it must be so hard to let them go, I hope they keep in touch with you.

  • Hugs to you – if you ever meet up with Dotty again she'll for sure remember you!

  • Houston

    I sure hopes she remembers us, we will see if we can maybe meet at the dogpark, although we are about 1+ hours away, both of would make for a good trip.
    Otis and Dotty ended up becoming real good friends and I think my pack is missing her..she did put a spin on things..
    I could finally put all three of my bathroom waste baskets back on the floor..;):D

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