• My husband & I took Trinity & Denver to the Bark Park yesterday - a first for all four of us! Trinity had a super time, while Denver was a little lazy, maybe overwhelmed, but it sure didn't take all that long for him to decide it was necessary to mount a black lab! Ummm…I'm glad the owner wasn't in any way offended - he laughed it off, & although I was a bit embarrassed, it was hilarious to see our little B trying to get on the big black lab. 😃 So, we started out in the small dog area & when everybody cleared out of the big dog area, we went in there. Enter the black lab & then 2 German shorthaired pointers. After those 2 came barreling down the hill, it was on - Trinity wouldn't stop chasing them & they were non-stop! Haha! Then I witnessed Denver half lift his leg & sprinkle on a tree trunk as he walked by it - his 1st marked territory piddle! I was afraid the fencing wasn't tall enough, and it really probably isn't, but I think these 2 were too preoccupied to notice. I love watching them! They were so well-behaved & Denver even put his paw on a stranger's leg while the man was sitting on a bench! I took a few photos before my camera battery died.

  • Looks like they had fun. Nice looking dog park.

  • Houston

    That looks so nice. The dogs had a blast I bet..I have yet to go to a dog park. I am waiting for the heat to go away before I venture out to one…

  • Haha, love the last pic of the worn out dog. Must of been great fun.

  • Great pics, i wish we had dog parks in England.
    Love the worn out Basenji pic

  • Which dog park did you go too? I live in Columbus, Ohio area. There are several good parks. I usually go to the dog park at Alum creek state park. Once Cody gets his staples out I want to take him to the dog park. If you live close enough maybe we could have a play date.

  • Thank you for pictures look like a day of fun.

    Rita Jean

  • Thanks for the comments. 🙂 It was a lot of fun - I'm not sure who had more fun - us or the dogs!

    GenJMar - this park is called the Bark Park - part of Osborn Park in Huron - Columbus is app. 2 hrs south of where I live & the park is another 30-ish minutes north. It's part of a preserve & is surrounded by lots of cool trails inside & out of the woods. It's the closet park to me - I've been told there's a really nice one in Rocky River (near Cleveland). It would be fun to meet up somewhere - I'm sure there are some very nice parks around Columbus. Let me know when Cody is ready to party! I'm so glad to hear he is clearly doing so much better!
    If you're interested, a few of us have discussed meeting up at LARK in Oberlin for LGRA at the end of August - a couple of hrs from Columbus - I'll be there for sure.

  • I looked up the dates for LGRA in August in Oberlin and I will on vacation that week in NC. I would like to meet up with you for a play date one weekend. Cody gets his staples out on Tues. (yeah) So after that I would be free most weekends until Aug 20. If you have suggestions on dog parks to go to let me know.

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