Just some pics from the dog park w/ our friends

  • Just wanted to share these!

    Not sure why it says "What impact do allergies have on how you age?" i resized the images through imageshack and maybe thats their way of advertising? no idea. weird.

    Anyway - here are Tayda and Lenny with some of their dog park friends. Tayda and Lenny have the solid collars on. The other two B's are Shamus and Chloe. I believe they are both El dorado B's…

  • Love the dog in the hat!

  • Looks like everyone had fun and got on well together.

    Btw, Chloe is my boy Brando's daughter. And Shamus is a half brother to my new pup, Liyah. 🙂

  • Great pics, cute B's! Looks like they are getting along great!

  • Yeah, they get along great! Shamus and Chloe have had Tayda and Lenny over for overnight play dates (aka their owners watched them for me when I had to go out of town) and apparently Lenny and Shamus ran around like bandits chasing each other the whole time!

    It was amazing the first time we went to that dog park, I walked up and Shamus and Chloe ran up to the fence to greet us. It was so weird to see another basenji, let alone TWO, let alone a male brindle and a female red and white JUST like Tayda and Lenny! They were like mirror images! it was great.

  • Awww, Len looks so handsome. And he seems so tiny next to Shamus. lol

    I think Tayda needs a tiara. 🙂

  • This was back in his phase where he couldn't put any weight on…. that phase seems to have passed. lol. He was 20 lbs in those pics I think and he's 23 lbs now. Still a looker though!

  • Yeah, daddy had a lot of those phases too. lol Most of my boys have ended up a bit bigger (well taller) so it was funny to see him look shrimpy next to someone. Especially when I'm used to seeing him next to little Tayda. lol

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