When the cats away…..

This is what I came back to when I went outside to garden for 1/2 hour.

And your point?…. That was were the sun was!!!! Great catch

You have coffee table books and coffee table Basenjis. 😃 Mine never laid on it only used it as a runway to run across after shooting off from the couch, skid over it to get out the dog door fast when squirrels ran around the house from the front to the back. It's got scratch marks on it. :rolleyes:

Dan, those aren't scratch marks. They are basenji 'autographs'.

Oh Pat, he didn't even move! It wasn't a much of a struggle to 'catch' him in the act! Yes, coffee tables are wonderful things. When Shadow was a puppy I had a square coffee table that ended up oval. So now, I've had this old oval coffee table forever and, ta da! there are no chew marks in it. But yes, it is either a landing strip or a tool used in the basenji-500.

Lovely shot! I'm only surprised your other Basenji hadn't taken advantage of the sun filled shelf below….

A Basenjis got to do what a Basenji got to do, follow the sun 😃


Arlene, that is too funny..I love how he didn't even bother getting off when you got in..that speaks for itself..This IS my spot from here on out..

Even if it's a small sliver of sun. 😃


Hehe, love this one. That look on the face is all like; "When is it my turn?"


Even if it's a small sliver of sun. 😃

I must have the only basenji that does not like the sun..see that plant to the left of Buddy..Sonny would dig a hole under it and lay there!! 😃

And then the look in their eyes "A may not do this?? very big laugh okay… I will move when the sun goes away"

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