• First Basenji's

    So I was in Bologna, Italy for a while for an academic conference and film festival. Of course I was a little worried about and missing my dogs, since I'm home a lot and they're pretty used to always having me around.

    While I was away, apparently the two dogs got to bond a bit, complete with a humping session in which Bowdu actually showed enough "interest" in Bowpi to communicate in dog language… in its most primal form, I suppose! Don't worry, both dogs are fixed. I take this as a good sign because Bowdu is usually pretty apathetic to her presence, but if he's humping her (and she was completely okay with it, I was told), at least they're establishing/reinforcing their relationship in this household, relative to each other.

    And, this is kind of big... apparently, Bowpi finally decided, after three months, to sleep on the human bed. She'd had an open invitation before, but always refused in favor of sleeping by herself on the futon in my study room. Well, since I wasn't around, she went to seek out my boyfriend for human companionship, and discovered that the human bed is actually pretty comfy!

    Bowpi sleeps very pleasantly on the bed, never raising a fuss, even if we push her around. This is in contrast to Bowdu, who likes the human bed but will usually flounce off with a disgusted snort/snarl and go to his own place at the foot of the human bed when the humans move and talk too much for his liking. Anyway, this seems to be working out for now, so we're holding off on getting her a bed of her own. We were told by her previous owner that she doesn't really like sleeping alone in a dog bed, preferring to share one with other dogs. I don't see Bowdu willing to share his bed anytime soon, but maybe if we get a larger bed for both of them, and maybe when the weather gets cooler, he'll oblige…

  • She is so pretty! Looks like a good bonding with the boyfriend, and she will make the difficult adjustment of sleeping in the bed without too much difficulty (haha).

  • somehow, most of them end up sleeping with us - they like it, we like it - it's all a good thing.

  • @Shaye's:

    somehow, most of them end up sleeping with us - they like it, we like it - it's all a good thing.


    Kananga has always slept on my bed. He wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Basenjis have slept on my bed for 35 years.:D

  • First Basenji's

    It just seems natural to have dogs sleeping in the bed… especially in winter, when we want to conserve on heating bills. Provided that there are no territorial disputes, of course, as sometimes happen with our shiba. This is also a big deal because Bowpi apparently only had limited access onto furniture before, and definitely wasn't allowed on the bed. It took her a while to be reassured that it's okay in this house.

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