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Blue Buffalo is hosting a Halloween photo contest, and the winner gets a year's supply of Blue Buffalo. If my picture wins, I will donate the food to a shelter.

Thank you!

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I don't get on here often, so I just saw this. What a fascinating topic!!! Thank you for sharing.

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You are all a riot hahaha.
I knew my comment would be appreciated here. I'm just happy he gave in, because I wasn't sure I could keep him if he wouldn't let me have a fence 😉

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I wanted to thank everybody for their input. At first, I was extremely disappointed. Part of me was hoping for even one or two positive experiences to make myself feel better about my only option. However, I think the overwhelmingly negative opinions worked in my favor. The boyfriend is coming around… last night we discussed options. He said, "We can have a fence, but you're not going to like what I want." I said "As long as it is a basenji proof physical barrier, I don't care if you put brown and pink lacquered (suggestively shaped boards) all around our yard!"
So it will still be another year before I save up the money, at least, but I wore him down much more quickly than I had hoped!!! Thank you all so much for your help!

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Thank you all for your input. This is pretty much exactly what I expected. I am completely dead set against an invisible fence alone, and I think an invisible fence paired with a nice, quality picket fence would be very nice. My boyfriend is a commitment phobe when it comes to big, expensive decisions, so I think he is dragging his feet on the issue. I'm hoping to wear him down, and will be showing him the deer fence, etc.
Thanks all. Please keep my basenjis in your thoughts and cross your fingers that they get a fence, sooner rather than later.

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Why not a physical, visual barrier with a shock device on it? Like they use with horses and such? There are devices that don't have that much wattage, so only small chocks that 'suprise' the dog. Used one with my racoondogs and worked perfect. They ran against it twice and then allways stayd at a little distance from it.

The whole reason for this discussion is that my boyfriend is opposed to a physical, visual barrier. He will only allow an invisible fence unless I can convince him otherwise.

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I really appreciate all of the feedback…. these were all concerns of mine. I don't worry so much about the children aspect as we live on the end of a quiet street. The children around us are all teens, and there are a lot of dogs around so they all seem pretty dog savvy. I wouldn't be leaving them out unattended, but we have a HUGE yard, so it would be impossible for me to beat my dogs from one end to another if something happened. Also concerned because we have a lot of deer. If its baby season, I know deer can be extremely protective.
My biggest concern is prey drive, and there is a LOT of very interesting prey on our street. Unfortunately, our across the street neighbors have an invisible fence for their two mixed breed dogs. My boyfriend talked to them, and now he is sold on an invisible fence. Their dogs don't seem too driven to go after anything, human, prey or otherwise, and they seem pretty well socialized (they let Callie & Lola cross their invisible fence when they were supervised by myself and their own owners and mine were on leash).
I'll just use all of this in my argument.... I'd really like a physical barrier AND invisible fence combination.

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Just bumping this back to the top. I have a hard time believing not one person on this forum has any input at all on health testing….
I'd really appreciate any and all help. This is for an article to help others understand the importance of health testing in the breed.

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So I moved in with my boyfriend 2 months ago. We have a lovely house with, more importantly to me, a HUGE, mostly flat backyard with lots of fun wildlife. Since I first got basenjis about 4 years ago, all I've ever wanted is a big, SAFELY FENCED, back yard for them to run and chase squirrels and be silly and play.
Of course, the boyfriend has a bulldog, who hates any form of exercise, and does not run or chase things. He does not have much of a need for a fence.
We're butting heads on fencing. Neither one of us wants to break up the view or the flow of the backyard; none of our neighbors have fences. I was hoping for an invisible fence/picket fence combo to contain my two basenjis. However, he doesn't even want a picket fence. He says I can have an invisible fence and nothing more.
I will say this: this is my boyfriend's house. He is on the mortgage, and if we break up, he has to live with anything I've changed. He is very tolerant of basenjis although he is a bulldog guy, and we agree on virtually everything else. So breaking up with him over the fence and the bulldog is not a possibility 😉 I just want to know if anybody else has had success with basenjis and invisible fences. I know they are not ideal, and I don't worry about Lola. Lola is very eager to please, and follows boundaries set for her (ie: although she can, she won't jump over a baby gate put up in a doorway because she knows she's not supposed to.) However, Callie can and will jump over baby gates, and one of her littermates discovered she could run the battery down on an invisible fence collar by standing close enough to set off the warning beep and then simply walk away.
It seems to be my only option at this point; I'd just feel more comfortable with hearing some success stories or advice. I would not be leaving them unattended outside and would exercise more caution with an invisible fence than I would with a full privacy fence.
Any words of wisdom, consolation, or advice?

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I was just gonna say… love the name Seeley. Great show!

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