Goof Dog

I guess sleeping on the bed isn't good enough…AJ has to sleep under the bed. 😃

AJ looks so comfy and snug 🙂
Here are a couple of pics of my past Basenji taking it easy.

They are so peaceful when they sleep. Sleeping beasts. 😃

They all are so sweet. I know when we all say it as we do mine got into this or took this we just need to get this sweet sleeping pictures out and tell ourself no way not mine. LOL…....................... Thanks for sharing.

Rita Jean


ah I love that, so snuggly..Otis doesn't go under the covers he wants to be under one of my pillows..up by my head..drives my husband batty.

I can hear hubby from here…"Night, honey kiss...didn't you remember to shave today?" 😃

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