If you could spare a thought…

Could everybody think a little positive thought for us today. Hippo is having an extended allergic reaction to something. Itching, hives, vomit…the whole nine yards. Benadryl is barely making a dent, so he has a vet appointment this afternoon.

Thanks 🙂 I will update later....

Good luck at the vets. Hope everything turns out okay.

Sending good thought his way.

Sending positive thoughts to Hippo, hope they get him sorted at the vets.


Wishing Hippo the best of luck at the vet, hoping for some relief and answers.

Sending positive thoughts to you and Hippo!

First Basenji's

Sending good thoughts your way for some relief for Hippo.

Good luck at the vet! I hope Mr. Hippo feels better.

Many positive thoughts from Germany, too! 😉

How is he?

Sending good thoughts here too.


Good wishes on the way

Positive thoughts coming your way - I hope it all goes well at the vet. Get well soon Hippo!

Please keep us posted.

sending positive thoughts….

Positive thoughts & prayers from Callie & Lola

I feel your pain. My Katie had an awful outbreak this past fall. It took over 2 weeks of prednisone, benedryl, and oatmeal baths to make her comfortable again.

Good luck at the vets and keep us posted.

Thanks for your good thoughts, everybody. We are home, and he is more comfortable. He did get a steroid shot to tame the hives; and he will be on an antibiotic in the hopes that the coat and skin issues we have had are bacterial. Later tonight he will get an oatmeal bath. This is definitely the worst case of hives I have seen, they are all over his body, and even his eyelids and muzzle have some swelling.

Some of you may recall that we have been battling skin sensitivity for awhile, and I have been messing around with his food, and laundry…now I am thinking about an air-purifier. He obvioulsy has some sort of allergy, and I don't *think it is food related. I would love to hear if anybody has tried some homeopathic allergy treatments.

Thanks for all your thoughts 🙂

How is the humidity in your house?

It is very dry, particularly in the dog room. And his skin is very dry…but we have been battling this since August. I have been adding fish oil to his food, thinking that I could hydrate him from inside....but, I don't know if it is doing any good.

You might want to try 3V caps… there are lots of places on the web you can buy from, here is just one.
I have used them for years with good results... and they are also recommended for joints as per my Orthopedic Vet from when Maggii broken her leg


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