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I am trying to locate a photo of the canine genome. The double helix with full colour and letters. This is for a tattoo up my spine.

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Basenjis will never be able fix a sump pump…. they need opposable digits.

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Mine do something similar. Except for the empty thing. Low or dirty water warrants the same response. Nothing better than mopping up because there was a piece of kibble floating in their otherwise pristine water.

They'll roll in cow feces, but won't eat soggy kibble?

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Don't have turtles in Idaho, but other nasty things. I was walking with my pack in the foothills and a coyote popped up over the ridge. It surprised all of us. Mahendra was out front and he was the first to encounter the 'yote. Both of them froze and were checking each other out, wondering what to do.

Fortunatly, Mahendra charged and the 'yote ran off.

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Moses, my 15 yo male, has started to drink his own pee. Not the whole puddle but a couple of laps, then he walks off. Last December his blood work showed he is producing immature red blood cells.

Is his pee making up for minerals or salts he is no longer getting from producing mature blood cells?

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Not sure if she dreams but I do know that for a small go she sure can take up alot of room under the covers.

How can such a small animal give you the last 4 inches of the bed?

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When I walk mine in the foothills and my oldest gets lost, he does that eerie howl.

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Those of us that sleep with our basenjis have, no doubt, observed them "running" or whimpering, growling, yodeling or what ever other crazy noises they make.

One night one of my basenjis was "running" and growling. I guess my foot got too close and was incorporated into the dream/nightmare. One of my basenjis clamped on to it and shook it.

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My first basenji must have gotten the stubborn gene twice. No matter what I did she would bite hard. Not hard enough to break skin, but hard enough you know you got bit.

I started biting her back. The ears, tail and belly are the most sensitive. I chomped on her 2 or 3 times and her bite was a good deal more gentle.

Though she got me back. After that, she started waking me up to go out by standing on my chest a jabbing my eye socket with her snout.

I slept on my side for years.

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I use "cow knuckles" from the butcher, these keep them amused for a couple of hours. You need to examine their poop though. Some basenjis will get the trots. If this occurs- bad idea.

My youngest will gather all of them up and hide them in my bed. Icky.

My first Basenji would hoard and bury them. Amusing. She would have one out and if the other 2 took it, she would simply go dig a fresh one up.

The grab bag at second hand stores have stuffed animals. This kept my first 2 amused. They would eviserate them.

I had one of those "magic cubes" that you stuff treats in and when it knocked about the treats fall out. That lasted about 2 weeks. They figured out that if they broke it all the treats came out.

One of those big yoga balls with peanut butter smeared on it kept 2 of my 3 amused for a couple hours.

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