He thought I wouldn't notice…

  • I was cutting up Elk steaks for dinner with my parents one night and left them on the cutting board (I Know better). I left about 8 steaks on the cutting board. I left the kitchen for 1 minute and came back. I looked at the cutting board and I didn't notice at first but something seemed wrong. I started cooking the steaks and noticed that 2 were missing. Congo was sitting on the other side of the kitchen, the very picture of innocence. I came over to him and he had some blood on his nose! That little bugger stole my steaks and thought he could get away with it because he only took two. Way too smart! I couldn't even get mad at him! Too funny!

  • Houston

    hahaha..and so it begins…

  • Exactly…. and right "you KNOW better". Too funny, and I am sure he enjoyed his raw dinner, stolen or not

  • Opportunistic predators….

  • LOL he didn't care if you noticed, he was simply FULL. lol.

  • i'm amazed there were any left! that was very thoughtful of him

  • I couldn't decide if he was full or being thoughtful. I laugh because before hiim I've always had basset hound mixes and they will eat until they explode. He's the only dog I've had that would just steal 2 steaks.

  • Darn counter surfer!

  • ROFLMAO. Arwen is too little to surf the back of counters, so she'll jump on table, the chair, freezer and hop onto the counter if you leave anything she really wants. Cara, giant dear Cara, is so long she can get anything.

    Here is another good thought. Not only did he eat only two, he didn't HIDE ONE FOR LATER so you could smell it rot. 🙂

  • I was just thinking, you sure he ate them both? Blaze had stashes all over our house. The old meat trays were the worst when they started to smell…

    Cricket can't reach the counter yet, but we are sure she's started stashing. A few favourite toys have gone missing lately...

  • I'd take Knipper's statements to heart! They will hide stuff they want but don't necessarily want NOW. Shaye is a picky eater, never eats more at a time than it takes to keep her alive, I think. BUT, when she has a bone or a treat she doesn't want to finish, she is all over the house looking for someplace to stash it where Gemma won't find it. Sometimes she forgets it's there, and I find it when I do a deep clean, usually rotting and covered with fuzz!

  • I love it just think what would our lives be if our B's were excellent and never did anything but lay around and look at us.

    Rita Jean

  • I'm sure if you had 8 you could spare him 2!! At least that's what he probably thought!!

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