Oh Savanah, don't you cry for me….

  • Savanah is a little girl that we rescued from a non basenji owner. She (just found out) is 2, not three an will be 3 in October. She has been with her new owner John for a week, spayed, and a super trooper.

    John went out of town for 4 days and we have been Savanah sitting. She is such a doll!! So happy and playful. She has been so excited to see Cairo and Caesar.

    We go for walks (3 dogs together) and she can't keep herself from jumping all over Caesar to play while walking. I think she is in love.

    Indoors it is all Cairo/Savanah play time. Non stop.

    What has been interesting was when she left the first time to go to Johns. Cairo, our sweet 8 month old puppy really experienced a dose of his own medicine that month (when she lived with us). Savanah was non stop crazy play mode…biting and just full on action all over Cairo.

    When she left, Cairo was completely calm. Of course he was looking for her, but he stopped doing the puppy hard core annoying biting with Caesar. I think he got it. Didnt like the non stop chewing on him, so he is chill with the ole' man. Fantastic!!

    And, it is so great to have her in the house for a while to let them play crazy. She has really become quite a lovely little girl.

    If anyone is contemplating another basenji and isnt sure, offering your home as a foster parent can be such a joy. To see a basenji in need grow to health and social interaction is really a joy.

  • How sweet. She sounds adorable. My Savannah is not playful at all. We thought she would be a good playmate for Talker but she's more of the quiet, contemplative type. She rarely plays with him.

    But we love her truly.

  • I am sure that is better than having two dominant basenjis for sure.

    I never stop learing new things about this breed. They are so interesting.

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