We forget that others don't know….

  • The other evening Dh was having a meeting here of our homeschool sports club committee, and the dogs were all sleeping in various places. Keoki had a nice spot on their little chairs, Jazzy was in the spare bedroom, Gypsy was at my feet as always.

    The meeting was clipping right along, lots of business, lots of laughter.

    Jazzy came out to sleep by the pellet stove and as she approached Keoki, he let go with a n-a-s-t-y Tasmanian Devil noise.

    The meeting stopped cold and the room got deadly silent as all the committee members froze and turned to stare, waiting for something awful to happen. They all looked to Dh, then back to the dogs who had since quieted down and were both settling in to go back to sleep.

    We had to laugh at the expressions on the human faces! It was almost like they were either terrified or horrified. Dh had to laugh and just tell them, "Oh, that's just the noise they make at each other. Nothing's going to happen."

    "You mean they do that a lot?" "I've never heard a noise like that before!"
    It was just funny to us because we don't really even notice it much anymore.

  • My girl B does that all the time too to my boy B. I have been on the phone and she let the evil growl thing rip. The people on the other end of the conversation are like is everything ok do we need to send help.:D I am wondering what they are talking about. I am just so used to her. My boy B totaly ignores her and goes about his business. Her bark(growl) is definately worse than her bite.;)

  • Our dogs often squabble or play really rough in the back yard. Sometimes they are really loud. I can just imagine what the neighbors must think!

  • I know what you mean, that the noise my two furkids make when they're squabbling. Almost always, they go after each other to see who gets my or DH's attention when we walk in the door. Doesn't matter who is with us. It looks and sounds like a massive fight - but it's over quick - I tend to ignore them as they work it out because I'm used to it. Most people aren't used to it - it is very scarey sounding! I tell the the occasional human in witness, "Ah - They're just having a disagreement…that's how they are."

  • Enjoyable story, I can even picture people faces 😉 😃

  • We hear so many weird noises coming from ours, sometimes it sounds like there's an Exorcism going on downstairs:eek: ….......then there's the Cewbacca sound Max makes....Willy's chimp imitation...Cleo's wolverine sounds.......ya got to love em!:D

    The Little Af Boy may be the most vocal Basenji I've ever come across......he's always saying something.....so cute:)

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