I am wondering if my dog is a basenji or a basenji mix? We have had him since he was a puppy and was told he was a pomchi but I don't think he is. What do you all think?

Looks more like Shibu Inu in him not basenji and maybe some kind of terrier.

I agree, more shiba then Basenji

I don't see basenji, but I do see 100 percent cute. 🙂 Yeah, I'd say more Shiba Inu also. I found pics with a lot at or on dining tables... but these pups on grooming tables gives you an idea.


Thanks I looked up a Shibu Inu then came across a Pom-Shi and I wonder if he could be that? That dog is a lot like the Basenji . That dog is a Shibu Inu and A Pomeranian. The photo below is the Shi- Pom what do you all think?0_1489701978649_Shi-Pom.jpg

Thanks everyone for your help!

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